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Guns Away by Audioscam

Written by on April 16, 2022

Guns Away by Audioscam

Audioscam has a new song out called, “Guns Away,” from the album Red Dirt Sky. If I were to sum up this song into one word, it would be “powerful”. This hard rockin song makes a delivery of an important message to the world.


The song starts out with sirens, then the lead guitar riff comes roaring in. Following that is the strong first verse, “You say you need protection, but you’re heading in the wrong direction.” Next is the chorus, “It’s the trouble in this ol’ world today, put those guns away.” With so much gun violence, this song fits the need. Indeed Audioscam checked off all the boxes on this troubling issue that we have in our society.


This song is powerful through-out, you can feel and understand the message. It should be an anthem song against gun violence. The end of the song is just as powerful as the beginning of the song. It ends with the a slight pause, then the powerful tom drums slam down, making a sound like a gunshot. Kind of an eerie feeling that you are left with, but hey… that’s what makes a great track!

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Watch the power video, “Guns Away.”


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