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BTD Song Review Home by Little Incursions

Written by on April 24, 2023

“Home” by Little Incursions band from Australia

Be home before dark, does that sound familiar? I think we all have heard that one time or another by our parents. The lyrics of this fabulous track reflect that well known phrase from our parents and makes “Home” by Little Incursions a very relatable song to many listeners.

You’re taking me home. Home
Home before dark
Taking me home, home
Home before dark

I love to hear bands come up with unique sounds of their own. Little Incursions brings their own style to their song “Home”, mixing in some eletronic pop and trip hop, even adding in some jazzy smooth bass tones.

These well written lyrics capture the fears of not being home before dark, the “what if’s”, the “what could happens”, “those uneasy feelings”, but also twisting in that sense of adventure.

Singing it to me darling, darling the song you know so very well
Touching me in ways that are so enlivening
Heaven in this hell. Heaven in this hell
Everything I’m thinking just dust in the desert
Dust in the desert doesn’t settle doesn’t settle
Yeah. Yeah

Chill ‘in, and sexy are two words that come to mind when I hear “Home” by Little Incursions. The lead vocalist and also on keys is Peggy van Zalm. Her vocals are sensual and soulful, sending the listener into an immersive dreamlike trance. I would say if I were to compare Peggy’s vocals to another artist that would be Chrissie Hynde of the English-American rock band The Pretenders. 

Driving the bluesy electric guitars are, Peter Veliks and John Encarnacao, which beautifully incase Peggy van Zalms lead vocals. Mark Jago on vocals and bass. He has no problem soulfully caressing the rhythm bass from beginning to end. Peter Timmerman on drums, riding the listener on that smooth beat all the way home. This track is well balanced and produced with perfection. Be sure to check out Little Incursions band!

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