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Who is BTD Radio?

About BTD RadioBTD Radio is a pioneering force in the world of music, dedicated to reshaping the landscape of independent music, one song at a time. We stand as an independent, unfunded radio station, showcasing a diverse array of musical genres. Our station is operated by indie artists who possess a profound understanding of the intricacies of the music industry and the radio realm. This unique synergy between artists and the radio business is what sets us apart.

Often, we encounter artists who feel lost, unsure of the path to take, or disheartened by the intense competition and the arduous journey within the music industry. That’s where we step in, offering not only airplay but also comprehensive support, including music reviews, interviews, special shows, and more.

BTD Radio boasts a legacy as one of the most enduring indie radio stations, having provided countless indie artists with the crucial opportunity to be heard. Some have even launched their careers from our platform and have become renowned stars today. We take immense pride in being the starting point for many aspiring musicians because we firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance, and why not begin here?

The visionary behind BTD Radio is T Dawn, an indie artist herself and the owner and founder of our station. She has devoted numerous years to mentoring and guiding indie artists from all corners of the globe. T Dawn is the creative mind behind our iconic station ID, “Changing the World of Music One Indies Song At a Time,” a slogan that has proven to be undeniably true. Moreover, she has provided countless aspiring broadcasters with their initial platform right here on BTD Radio.

To all the talented artists who have entrusted us with their music, we extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for your success. At BTD Radio, we are committed to doing our part in ensuring that your music reaches the audience it deserves.

Wishing you a supremely musical day!