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BTD Music Review Sunday by Zale Zale’s recent release, “Sunday“, is a blending of genres that creates an infectious dance groove that will have you moving from start to finish. The song begins with a lively pulsing beat that sets the tone for a fun and upbeat track. When Zale’s vocals kick in, his smooth […]

Lots Of You in My Life by Joe Viglione Joe Viglione’s latest track, “Lots Of You in My Life,” from the album “Elegant Decadence”, emerges as a heartfelt testament to the joy and warmth found in companionship. With Viglione at the helm of composition and vocals, supported by the skilled production of Joe Viglione, Peter […]

BTD Song Review “World We Are Living In” by Chivea Chivea’s track, “World We Are Living In,” encapsulates the essence of dancehall with a refreshing twist. From the moment the beat kicks in, it’s evident that this isn’t your average reggae dancehall tune; it’s a fusion of various sounds that come together to create a […]

BTD Review of Coming for Me by Emmeleine “Coming for Me” by Emmeleine is a hauntingly beautiful addition to her upcoming album, “These Stories.” This piano ballad delves into the depths of human emotion with a kind of dark, cinematic allure that’s hard to resist. Emmeleine’s vocals are nothing short of mesmerizing, effortlessly drawing listeners […]

BTD Review “Que Rico” by Jourdan: A Sizzling Dance Anthem Jourdan’s latest single, “Que Rico,” directed by Juan Samaniego of Millennials Inc., sets the stage for a seductive dance-floor experience. With its infectious beats and enticing lyrics, the track beckons listeners to let loose and indulge in the rhythm of the night. From the moment […]

BTD Song Review Humming Bird by Wesrok Wesrok’s song, “Humming Bird,” is a jubilant celebration of Jamaica’s essence, effortlessly blending the infectious rhythms of reggae with a heartfelt ode to the island’s beauty and resilience. With a mission to carve out a niche for ‘country reggae’ on the global stage, Wesrok delivers a buoyant anthem […]

BTD Song Review : “Butterflies and Anxiety” by Talitha Jae Talitha Jae’s track, “Butterflies and Anxiety,” is a captivating blend of sultry blues, seductive melodies, and raw emotion. Released from debut EP, “Spilt T,” this track dives into the tumultuous early stages of a relationship, expertly capturing the dichotomy of excitement and uncertainty. The song […]

BTD Reviews song Mis raíces by Eduanis Zerquera Eduanis Zerquera ” Mis raíces ” is a musical masterpiece that intertwines talent, culture and joy. Eduanis shows off her remarkable piano skills, adding a personal touch to this celebration of her African roots, the birth of Cuba and the vibrant spirit of Salsa. The arrangement, skillfully […]

BTD Song Review “American Son” by Sean Walshe Sean Walshe’s latest single, “American Son,” from his titled album of the same name, takes us on a poignant journey through the heart of America. Released on January 19, 2024, the track is a testament to the essence of American music, skillfully produced by Rob Fraboni. The […]

BTD Reviews A Bold and Unapologetic Anthem: “I Wanna” by Marcy Chin “I Wanna“ by Marcy Chin, produced by Jon FX, is a daring and powerful track that fearlessly explores a woman’s perspective with unfiltered honesty. As a parody of “Born to Fxxx” by Wheeler Walker Jr., this song is not for the faint of […]