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Comedy At Its Best

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Critical Thinking Podcast started with two best friends, Kyle and Rick. Two guys who felt as though there was not enough passionate and relatable reviews from real fans. They wanted to let everyone know what they “REALLY” thought about Gaming, Movies, TV, and Collectibles (although they probably should have kept their mouths shut)! A few months later, Shawn joined the team to bring a millennial perspective to the reviews. Finally, after concluding his previous podcast, Miguel joined the Critical family and brought his zany concoction of insight and sarcasm to the mix. There is no generic or artificial crap here, ’tis all organic man!

Everything you hear is coming from our legit camaraderie and overall relaxed attitudes about the “Geek Life” we love so much. Together, our sum is greater than the parts as we combine to become: The Critical Four!!! So come join us “Thinking shit through one podcast at a time!!!”

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