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BTD Reviews song Enchanted Glasses by Steve Keith

Written by on August 4, 2023

BTD Reviews song “Enchanted Glasses” by Steve Keith  – A Pop Rock Delight

Steve Keith’s track “Enchanted Glass” is a captivating pop rock song that effortlessly weaves together a blend of mesmerizing musical elements. The song begins with a great bouncy bass guitar lead, and Steve’s vocals, setting the stage for an enchanting journey. As the track progresses, the lead guitar takes center stage, showcasing impressive guitar skills and adding a touch of fiery energy to the composition.

One of the standout features of “Enchanted Glass” is its cleverly crafted lyrics. With phrases like “multi color tricked out specs” and “everybody’s had a golden aura,” the song paints a picture of a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. The enchanting theme is further reinforced with the repeated line, “You’ve got to keep on looking through into Enchanted glasses,” encouraging listeners to explore a world of wonder and imagination beyond the surface.

The seamless integration of synths later in the song adds an extra layer of sonic richness, elevating the track to new heights. The synths lend a dreamlike quality to the music, enhancing the magical atmosphere and ensuring a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

Steve Keith’s vocal delivery deserves a special mention. His voice exudes charisma and emotion, perfectly complementing the song’s ethereal theme. Keith’s ability to convey the song’s message with both passion and precision is commendable, making the track all the more enjoyable.

“Enchanted Glass” captures the essence of pop rock while adding its own unique and imaginative flair. The song’s seamless transitions between different musical elements make for an engaging and dynamic experience, holding the listener’s attention throughout.

Overall, “Enchanted Glass” is a delightful pop rock gem that showcases Steve Keith’s songwriting prowess, instrumental talent, and captivating vocals. The cleverly crafted lyrics, the great bass guitar lead, the enthralling lead guitar, and the atmospheric synths all work together in harmony, creating a song that is sure to leave listeners spellbound. Whether you’re a fan of pop rock or simply appreciate well-crafted music with a touch of magic, “Enchanted Glass” is a track that demands a spot on your playlist.

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