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BTD Radio welcomes back Dylan Sherry

Written by on July 23, 2020

Hi Dylan,

I am so excited to have you back for another interview here at BTD Radio.  It sounds like so much has happened since your last EP release of Vacant Lands.  Let’s talk about the new album Western Sky which is due out this month. You must be so excited! 

-Excited to be back and chatting at BTD!

How many songs can our listeners expect to hear on this album? 

Western Sky contains 10 songs, including an interlude and outro. 

How long did it take to complete?

-It was fairly quick actually. I had the songs finished before my EP ‘Vacant Lands’ came out. The whole process probably took 4 months. 

Generally, before an artist is ready to move onto another album they become inspired by something. What was that something for you? What was that inspiration?

-I’ve really begun to appreciate the different landscapes of California, to be honest. Driving out towards Palm Springs is so calming for me, I love the wide-open highways and arid-like atmosphere. I think that’s why so many of the guitars and vocals on the album are kind of drenched in reverb. 

How did you come up with the title of the new album? Is there a theme?

-I had the idea for it about a year ago actually. My last album was much more woodsy-based, with songs like ‘Frozen Forest’ and ‘Back to the Woods,’ so I think of this one as being more down to earth or stripped down. You won’t find as many spacy effects or ambient noises. I think that was just me going more towards desert-rock and a more ‘Western’ theme. 

How would you best describe this album?

-I’d describe it as a gritty, night-ride through the desert. Maybe while on your way to Joshua Tree or Vegas even. When it’s just you out there, you get a lot of time to reflect and think about life. I think the songs will express that, it dives into regret, loss of love, believing that things will get better… hopefully, it feels like a whole experience.

Can we expect any surprises on this album?

-I think the interlude will definitely come off as a surprise. It’s my first time ever doing something like that, and the first time a different artist has made an appearance on an album of mine. I posted about a possible collaboration on Reddit, and luckily, Golden Owl got back to me and sent me a demo of how his voice sounds. I was looking for a more baritone voice, as mine isn’t particularly low. So it all worked out.

Which song do you hold so dear to your heart and why?

 -I’d say ‘Stars’ is probably the one I hold dearest. I remember just loving the lyrics I wrote and the melody that Misty Boyce helped me create. I feel like it’s the peak of the sound I was trying to achieve also. It’s like yelling into the sky for answers while on this night-ride I keep referencing. 

How would you say this album is different from your others?

-Aside from the ‘Vacant Lands’ EP, it’s the first time I’ve dove into surfy and other vintage-inspired themes. I listen to music fro the 60s mainly, and this is the first time I think you can truly start to hear the influence. 

What would you say was your biggest challenge in putting this album together?

-Making it gritty, but not under-produced. There’s lots of reverb, some distortion, some echoes… I realized how quickly it can all go south during the mixing and mastering side of things. Getting a solid balance between instruments, vocals, and effects was definitely the biggest challenge.  

Why did you pick October to release your album?

-It just seemed natural honestly. I was ready, and when I knew I was ready, the timing just worked out. I had a couple of months to set up shows and create promotional things. 

Who are your musical influences? Do you feel you brought them to this new album?

-I feel like I’ve given y’all a different answer to this question every time I’ve been on. Anyways, here it goes… Smokey Robinson is definitely one of them. His smoothness and soul has always been astonishing to me. A more modern influence would have to be Allah-Las. Their sound is incredible. I’ve played them on a speaker at work before, and people thought they were from the 60s… I think it’s amazing that a modern band is able to achieve that with such accuracy. 

I hear you have a handful of shows coming up, can you give us a sneak peek on what the set-list might be?

-October 4th is my record release show. I’ve really been trying to make that my biggest show ever. I’ve invited just about everyone I know, and I’ve also put out some digital media stuff to spread the word even farther. 

Where will you be playing?

-Past the record release show at the Hotel Cafe, I’ve got a set at the Silverlake Lounge on the 7th, a Halloween show at The Other Door, and another solo set at the Park in Burbank on November 16th. The Halloween one should be a blast, we’re keeping the full lineup a surprise, there’s a couple of incredible musicians that will be joining us for that one.  

With an album release around the corner and shows coming up, you must be staying pretty busy. Have you looked into the future and thought about what’s next for Dylan Sherry?

-Hopefully fun stuff. My life outside of music is either work or school, so I’m always hungry to keep making music and playing shows. I’ve been thinking of doing an EP of covers… maybe for record store day. 

Where will our listeners be able to buy your album?

-Anywhere and everywhere. It’s available to stream on Spotify, Bandcamp, and all that noise. I’ve also got physical copies over on my Big Cartel site. 

We are coming to the close of this interview, what would you like to tell our listeners about you that would inspire them to come back for more?

-Well, I’m always working to get better. I’m always pushing to improve my recording quality, songwriting, and live performances. I’d want them to know that I’m far from complacent when it comes to music, and just a listen or follow goes a long way for me. 

Do you have anything else you would like to add to this interview that we have not talked about?

-Aside from my solo stuff, my other band The Halfway Happys is working on an album. We’re also planning to do some fun shows soon, so hopefully, you can catch me out on the road with those boys too. 

It was nice talking to you again! Keep on cranking out the fabulous tunes! Please keep us posted on all the wonderful things that are happening in your music world!

-Thank you very kindly for having me, always a great time!by Dylan Sherry

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