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Love Stallion – Artist Interview

Written by on September 25, 2020

Can you go around and intro the band? Who plays what?

Aaron Hart – lead vox / rhythm guitar Tay Hamilton – lead guitar / vox Joe Sego – bass / vox Seth Cross – drums

Crayton Huntly – lead guitar & co-writer on the recent release Unforgettable Ride has stepped back from performing with the band.

Let’s talk about the music, you are a rock/glam band, thanks for being around and keeping the rock/glam alive. It seems to be a hard market to be in right now, who ever thought that would happen. What do you guys bring to this era to keep the rock alive?

We are bringing back the big guitar riffs, wall of vocals, and outrageous shows! So many people love the old rock & roll we grew up with, and we are feeling the pendulum swing back towards raw music and the live show. We’re stoked that other bands are already paving the way, like The Darkness, Steel Panther, and Greta Van Fleet. It’s coming back!

What is your most favorite song to perform on stage?

That’s a tough one! It is between High Time and Valentine. High Time is such fun & high energy, and has so many twists & turns in the song, lending to lots of fun choreography. Valentine, though, seems to put me in a trance; a thick haze of nostalgia that carries some deep romantic energy that gets me every time we play it.

What is the most outrageous thing that has happened on stage that you can tell us about?

Sometimes the sex & drugs happen during the rock & roll. And by rock & roll, I mean the drum solo.

Let’s talk about your new album “Unforgettable Ride.” How did you come up with the title?

This has so many meanings for us! Aside from the proverbial “ride” with Love Stallion, the last 5 years has been truly unforgettable. We have met so many great people, had so many ups & downs, created the music of our dreams, and written a diverse catalogue of rock & roll to keep the entire record (and show) fun for everyone.

Now let’s talk about the album, it’s loaded with fantastic songs, nine songs to be exact. The last song is Trans Am, did someone in the band own a Trans Am?

I wish! Crayton wrote Trans Am in homage to the fast cars & flash of the late 70s and 80s, using the double meaning of a car & a girl, similar to Van Halen’s Panama. It’s such a fun upbeat rocker, and definitely feels like you’re flying down the highway with the music cranked, with the interlude like the beginning of an 80s movie car racing scene.

Who wrote the songs and determined what songs were going to be on the album?

Crayton & I co-wrote this record, except he penned Trans Am himself, and I (Aaron) wrote Valentine. These 9 songs had a certain electric energy that really moved and inspired both us and the crowd, and as we played concerts, this general order seemed to feel natural to us with the live show.

What has been your most favorite venue to play at?

We just headlined Globe Hall here in Denver, and we loved it! The building was built in 1903, and still has a ton of cool historic character. The green room out back is an airstream, which makes it all the more cool. We filmed much of the footage for our upcoming music video release of “Big Rock Radio” and couldn’t be happier with the people there and the venue.

Let’s talk about your influences. I know that you all have a lot of them. Please share who they are.

Crayton & I instantly connected over bands like Van Halen, Kiss, and Def Leppard. We love the big polished arena rock sound, so we incorporated a lot of the style, hooks, and show of those bands with our own modern flavor. There are too many to list, but Crayton is a huge fan of The Who, and I can never get enough Queen & Freddie Mercury <3

If I was in the studio, what would I see while I am there? How long do you think I would be there?

The studio is a blast, but we sure take our time! We have built such an incredible team, including vocal coaches Kate Emerich, Dr Scott Martin, and Ona Reed, and producer Steve Avedis.

What’s the future for Love Stallion? Where do you see the band in let’s say… five years?

That’s a long way away! But, we still plan to be writing & recording music, touring the US & Europe, and creating music videos. Creating art & music is such a lifestyle for us that I never really see us hanging it up. I hope it’s another 50!

We have come to the end of our interview, any shout-outs that you want to share?

A million thank yous to John Hunt & Sean Biffar at Arcadian Pictures for making these upcoming music videos not only possible, but absolutely mind-blowing! They are some of the most professional, talented, and fun guys to work with. So glad to call them my friends! Another shout-out to the absolutely gorgeous & talented Miosoti Pichardo for starring alongside me in the “Big Rock Radio” music video. <3

Where can our listeners find your music?

You can also stream our music on Spotify. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep an eye out for our upcoming music video releases & tour schedule!