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Mark Rockower BTD Artist Interview

Written by on December 7, 2020

Q: Welcome Mark Rockower, I am loving that last name, is that real? It sounds like a band name…wait a minute… it is a band name… your band name…lol

Q: Let’s start off talking about your band. I understand you have had a few band member changes. So who all is in your band and if you could, go around the room and intro who each person is and what they do in the band.

A: Yes it is a real last name, not many of us Rockower’s  around, but what a coincidence that the BBC stole my name for their show…

Ok, there is Derek Hughes and he plays guitars or bass depending on the song but is primarily the recording engineer.   Jax Hughes has been the drummer of the band although in the studio we utilize several drummers, and finally Adam Hamilton is the guitarist and producer going forward, and then myself and I play guitar or bass, some keyboards and vocals.  We also have Matt Starr drumming for us in the studio.

Q: It sounds like you are from Boston, how about everyone else in the band, where are they from?

A:  Derek is from Indiana, Jax is from New Jersey, Adam is from Louisiana Matt is from Connecticut and then I am from Marblehead Massachusetts.

Q: How did you all get together and how long ago did this band from?

A: It started with my meeting Derek and then we got Jax and then two new guys towards the end of the album, Adam Hamilton and Matt Starr

Q: I am told your influences are Aerosmith, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones, and David Bowie. A lot of rock fabulous greats. Do you have any others? Do any of the other band member share the same influences?

A: There are so many bands over the years so I would also say bands like Thin Lizzy who played the dual leads, I loved that sound which I utilize in “Big Money” and the solo on “Driving Force.” 

Q: Do you feel like your band sounds like any of your influences? 

A: I honestly can’t tell.  My voice is compared in tone to Bowie at times but the music doesn’t reflect Bowie except perhaps his Mick Ronson days of Ziggy, etc.

Q: Let’s talk about your new album, “It’s Alright but It’s Never Enough.” If you were to sum up the album in one sentence, what would you say the whole album is about?

A: It is me looking at the world and scratching my head saying “what the fuck is going on here?”

Q: I see there are 10 songs on this album, that’s a lot to put together, which is your most favorite song off this album?

A: My favorite is “Sometimes It Rhymes” with the title track and “Big Money” very close seconds.  I also like “Sun Flower”
That’s a tough question!

Q: I dig all the songs off your album but “Lunar Star” is one that sticks out for me. What is that song about?

A: In loose terms It’s about a relationship with both the wonderful and the negative memories Intertwined and me wanting to save it and return to the better times.

Q: Is there a sequence to the way you laid these songs out on the album?

A: Yes there is, what it is I am uncertain, but I did make a conscious effort of the exact order I wanted the album to run.

Q:Who wrote these songs?

A: I write the songs.

Q: When you are not recording, writing, playing in the band… what are you doing?

A: I still workout but with Covid I do more reading, and also watch some of the paranormal stuff and alien encounter and fake history
Topics  on You Tube and the History channel.  Heck the travel channel has some paranormal shows as well that I enjoyed.

Q: Has COVID changed the way you do your music biz and in what ways?

A:Not really because I started in January of 2020 and when I got the project off the ground Covid was just hitting the news.

Q: We are coming to a close to this interview and I wanted to ask you if there was anything else you wanted to talk about that I might have forgotten?

A: We have started a new album that will be out in about a year.  No hurry but I want to stay consistent with my output.

Q: Where can people buy your music?

A: This is the link for the CD:
The Mp3 is on most major music outlets like iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.

Q: It was a pleasure learning about your band and your music! Be sure to keep BTD Radio updated on your musical journey!

A: Mark Rockower: You guys are awesome and I am listening to your station!