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BTD Interview with Kitoto Sunshine Love

Written by on March 20, 2021

BTD Interview with Kitoto Sunshine Love

Hi there Kitoto Sunshine Love, welcome!

Loving the name. Just when I say your name, it makes me smile. What’s behind the name, how did you come up with the name?

Hi! Thank you! Five years ago, I wanted to attract loving experiences into my life, so I changed my email name to something with “Love” in the title. My whole life changed for the better! I couldn’t believe the night and day change. I decided to attract even more love into my life, by changing my name. People often called me “Sunshine”. Kitoto, I was born with, and wanted to keep, but “Love”, that was a spiritual decision. I’m so happy now that I did it. It makes me smile too 😊

It looks like we have lot’s of ground to cover here…so where are you from?

I grew up in Salem Massachusetts.

Let’s talk about your smooth soulful song “Proud Soul Heritage.” Great song! Perhaps our listeners have never heard that song before. Can you tell them what this song is about? I see this song was written by Bobby Hebb, how did all this come about?

My Daddy wrote that song, about our family, for our family. It’s one of my favorites, because he put so much love into it. He was incredibly talented, and knew what he wanted the listeners to experience. With Proud Soul, he wanted to share his upbringing.

I noticed that you were a host of the podcast “Authentic Hour Of The Soul.” How did you get hooked up in doing that? Was it through Bobby Hebb? How many years did you do that? Was it all music, or did you have other additions to it? Was there a favorite episode that you did?

A friend of mine, kept saying “ You should have your own show”. She was the star of her own show, so eventually I said “ok! Sign me up”. I met an amazing producer, and just kind of jumped in! I worked on it, on and off for a little over a year. Today, I am working with the same producer on a new show, with a friend. She’s featuring me on her 4th Season of “Miracle Makers” on UBNGO, with Dr. Sarah Larsen.

My podcast was about spirituality, and was kind of a way for me to say “ thank you”. The only music on the show, was the opener: “Remix”, by The New Kids on the Block. My favorite show was the first interview with Karen Lagrange. She makes crystal pyramids. We actually did a healing meditation for the audience.

So you performed at the legendary Apollo Theater in 2014 with Mary Wells of The Supremes, wow that must have been a highlight of your musical career. Can you tell us about it?

I was so frightened! It was a magical night, my then boyfriend proposed to me back stage, and everyone cheered and made us feel so, so special. Mary was incredibly kind. I told her how nervous I was. I feel like it was a dream. They clapped and cheered! I grew up watching entertainment shows from the Apollo. To say it was a dream come true, is an understatement. I’m so grateful for Joe Viglione, and Charles Rosenay, for asking me to perform.

Speaking of highlights of your musical career, what other highlights can you share with us?

I once worked with a Theatre Company, called Explosion Theatre. They cast me as the lead in a musical, and we toured Martha’s Vinyard during the Summer. We performed on the fly one day, in the street because the theatre was closed, where we were supposed to preform. Some kind of mix up. So performing on the streets of Martha’s Vinyard in my 20’s, made me feel like a pro. No theatre? No problem! Hahaha!

You also have a fabulous song out called, “Love You,” which was also written by Bobby Hebb. When you sing it, are you thinking about someone you love?

When I was recording it, I did. Now though I think of my Dad being in love, when he wrote it. It warms my heart, that he found that kind of love.

I just did a interview with the fabulous guitarist Peter Calo (Carly Simon’s music director). I understand he played guitar on your song, “Love You.” What was that like? How did all that come about?

Joe Viglione set that up for me. Everyone was so, so kind. They were all pros. I was just so overwhelmed with the experience. To be in the studio with such professionals, had me feeling extremely blessed, and I was in awe.

Grammy nominee David Maxwell (played with Freddie King, Muddy Waters), he also played piano on your song “Love You.” Did any of these great names make you nervous while recording?

I was definitely nervous. Each one of them helped me. I kept telling them that I wasn’t used to singing professionally. I had forgotten musical theatre is professional. They laughed with me, and told me stories. They were all super kind, and humble. That made it so much easier.

How long did it take you to record both of those songs? Where did you record them at?

We recorded in Acton Massachusetts at Wellspring Studios for several hours one afternoon.

Do you have current projects that you are working on and has COVID changed any of the directions you started while working on these projects?

I wrote a children’s book, about my Dad and I. It’s called “The Adventures of Papa and Sunshine”. It’s filled with music and dancing too. I wrote it during the pandemic. Right now the editors and publishers are helping me polish it up, before it’s ready to be distributed. I’m also working on my friend, Dr. Sarah Larsen’s internet TV show, “Miracle Makers”. I will be featured for 15 weeks. I just did an interview with EP from Australia, and he asked me to record a Pop Song with him. So just like that, we’re working on a Pop Song together. 😊

Are you living your dreams as a singer or are there still things you still want to do? What would those be?

I would love to record a full length album. I’m working on it now. It’s called: “ Unfinished love songs, and Poems”. I’ve given some tracks to Joe Viglione, and he’s passing them on to some very talented musicians to help me with it. I’d like to do a duet of Daddy and I with Sunny, recorded in 432 hz. I think that would be beautiful! Also I’d like to make a music video. A cover album would be a dream as well. I’m so grateful for the projects I’ve already done. It is like a dream, but when music is your life, there’s always something else your soul wants to express.

Where can our listeners find your music?

My music can be found, on Sunny The Song/Bobby Hebb Video Channel, (on youtube) and Joeviglione You tube page, in addition to the Boston Anthology Album #21 track 6 and 16.

Love You:

Proud Soul Heritage:


Well we are at the end of this interview but it sure has been great learning about your musical adventures.

Thank you so, so much!!!! It was such a joy to remember them with you.


Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Let it in🌈🎶💞💐💖🔮💎🕉🙏🏼⚡️🌦🙌🏻😇