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Artist Interview with Boney Derrington

Written by on July 28, 2022

BTD Radio interviews Boney Derrington

Hello Boney Derrington! Welcome to BTD Radio. I am looking forward to hearing all about your track, “Profile.” It’s very interesting how all that came about, but first I need to throw this out there so our listeners can get an idea of where you are from? So that’s our first question, where are you from?

What’s up BTD, happy to be here. Well, I was born in kings county Brooklyn. Raised in Freeport long Island. Been in Florida for a year recording music.

Now the questions only get harder from here. LOL! When did you get started in music? Was it in your blood since day one? I am sure you had some influences, who were they?

My mom wrote songs when I was young. She also performed in the church. We had every reggae version of gospel music there was. The choir was also my first stage. When I started rapping in my group lyrical Impact as a child, we won many talent shows. However, my west Indian mother wouldn’t sign the contracts. We fought a lot over it. I always said when I got older, I was gonna do what I wanted. Yet after seeing so many young artists get taken advantage of, I think she saved me.

Tounge Twister and Chip fu were my favorite rappers. I was in awe of how they rapped so fast, just had to learn how to do it. I used to study and memorize their verses.

Your music has bounce and swagger, but that’s coming from me… how would you best describe your music? Wait… describe in ten words or less.

My music is Mut music. I’m not really limited to be an accepted Yankee in dancehall. Nor am I limited to being a hip-hop artist. I love them both the same. So, I’m not the average artist and I can be all over the place. Yet I try to stay in whatever element I’m in at the moment. So, the beats mean a lot to me. If it ain’t top 40 it ain’t right.

What’s the first song that you have ever written and how long ago was that? What was it about? 

Well, I was 14, I’m not 14 now lol. They really weren’t songs more were like long ass verses. Can’t remember which one was first. I’ll say Chimp, it meant chatting hardcore in melodious patterns! Since i didn’t I fully speak patois or patwa. Lol I tried to make up my own language.

Do you create all your music yourself or do you have others help you? What’s your process? What gets you in the mood to write or create?

Well, I write my own material. Although I do produce most of my stuff, but I have a great producer Solstarpro. Everything from providing great engineering, production, mixing and mastering. He’s really the ears and vibe of my sound. So, we locked in now cause it’s easy.  Many successful artists have giving us the recipe. Pick music you like and do not force it. If I have to force myself it may take a while for a song to come out. May get writer’s block. Yet if the vibes is easy and it’s just there, I may not have to write anything down till it’s time to copyright. That’s what I do, I focus on the love in everything. Even the tracks.

Ok we gotta talk about your song, “Profile.” You wrote this song during quarantine, very cool. So, you were inspired, that’s great because many people went the opposite way during that time. Your track is very current to today’s times. You talk about “Cat Fishing” … for those listening out there who don’t know what that means… you can look it up. It’s not fishing in a lake. LOL. I don’t know however what “deh pon bumble” means. Care to share? Heck, I will turn this over to you and let you share what this song is all about in your own words.

It’s really addressing a love interest on Bumble the dating site.

I’m telling her there’s no profile on this dating site like hers. She’s always dressed in all that sexy, from reading her bio she’s also Intelligent.  We’ve matched but she probably thinks I just want to smash. Just Trying to convince her I’m here for the long run.

How long did it take for you to write, “Profile?”

Well, I wrote Profile and Sub-Zero on a flight from NY to Fort Lauderdale. So however long that was I guess….

What put’s the “final” say that your songs are done?

When the Ruff mix sounds nice. The mix sounds even better, and your weren’t prepared for how good the master sounds. There nothing more to do…

What do you like to do when you are not creating music?

Well, I’m a master barber. I like the cut hair and kick jokes.

I watched your music video to your song “Dead Killing.” There’s a lot of talk going on in the world today about guns and violence, what is your song about and where do you stand on all this?

1st let me shout out BenzRedSquare, they called me up one day and asked for my ascap. Said they were releasing a song from 5 yrs ago. I had no idea they liked the song or planned to use it. At the time I recorded the song I was upset and just wrote what I felt.  I’ll replace the “P” word with “sucker”. I said in my song, I’m a sucker too you. You’re a sucker too me. Soon we will see D E A D….. I’ll make you feel how we feel now that you’ve taken my friend away. Or now you know how we feel now that we did too you. what you did too us. It’s a never-ending cycle. It’s not just a body, it’s more than a couple bodies. It’s a Dead Killing, I didn’t want to be labeled as a gunman or gangster. In respect to BenzRedSquare, I chose not to promote it. If Jamaica can’t accept me for me then it wasn’t meant to be. It’s sad but ignorance sells, most artist get caught up in the hype. They don’t understand how it hurts your brand.

Out of all your compositions that you have written, which one is your favorite and why?

Currently my favorite is “Tomorrow” it’s afrobeat but it’s a mut version, where my Yankees can kinda understand me. Out of 20 beats all I wanted was that one, it put me in a trance.

Another great song of yours is “Can’t Take It,” I would love for you to share with our BTD listeners what that song is about.

Another BenzRedSquare release, it’s about being stuck in lock down for 3 months. If your female friend thinks she’s coming over here today. There ain’t gonna be no cuddling cause I can’t take the rubbing and affection. She definitely not laying under my covers with her clothes on. She touches me then it’s about to go down, lol especially if I’m tipsy.

Speaking of our BTD listeners, what can you share with our listeners about your music that you have never shared with in any other interview…  something exclusive to us?

Well, the actual journey and finally being able to live through my music was a dream. You are witnessing an unrevealed greatness that has been put in motion by powers beyond my control.

What’s next for Boney Derrington? Where do you see you and your music heading? Do you have any cool projects coming up that you can tell us about?

Well, you couldn’t have told me I would have 10 videos, an EP, an Album to release, and be part owner of a record label a year ago. I’m excited, my handlers were pushing me into comedy from the beginning, so expect to see my face. A Sitcom and biography are in the making as we speak.

Where can our BTD listeners find your fabulous music?

On any digital media platform. I have videos YouTube, Vevo etc, My ig @boney_derrington_official




We are coming to a close of this interview, have I left out anything that you would like to share? Any shout-outs that you would like to make?

Remember, It’s not that I believe in my music, it’s I know that my music believes in me. I am not in control, I’m not forcing, it’s just happening. As long as people like your BTD listeners continue to support me. The world will believe too. Shout out to my daughter, love you Jada.