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BTD Music Review Blacking Out, Prickle Brush

Written by on November 14, 2022

BTD Music Review Blacking Out, Prickle Brush

BTD had the wonderful opportunity to interview the band, Blacking Out. They are four musicians that grew up together during school years in MA. There’s Paul Keyes who is the lead singer, Gus Palaza on Bass, Dennis Anderson on drums and Steven Kuchinsky on Guitar.

Their self-titled album is, Blacking Out, with eleven songs total. Prickle Brush” is their second song off this high octane album. “Prickle Brush” continues to deliver that signature style of Blacking out, with loud raging guitars and bass, roaring vocals and thrashing grunge drum beats.

Paul belts out powerful lyrics that I am sure many can relate to.

You Make Me Feel So Old, You Always Make Me Feel So Damn Old”

I had the opportunity to ask the band what was the meaning of this song…

On this one I picture confusion being in love verse friendships verse making mistakes.

Be sure to check out some of the bands live performances.  The band is continuing to find local gigs with causes to help with local entertainment and arts. Check out some of the live shows on Rumble.  They have been noted as the most entertaining live music ever witnessed.

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