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BTD Music Review Blacking Out, High As the Sun

Written by on November 14, 2022

BTD Music Review Blacking Out song “High As the Sun”

Blacking Out, a four piece band who grew up in MA. They are, Gus Palaza on Bass, Dennis Anderson on drums, Steven Kuchinsky on guitar and, Paul Keyes as the lead singer. Their music is a mix of; Punk, heavy metal, hardcore, thrash and grunge. This band has fueling classic metal running through their veins, and I can say that is the case when you listen to their smashing tune, “High As the Sun

This is the first song off their self-titled album, “Blacking Out.” Right out of the gate, that first spin, you know you’re in for a ride of a life time. “High As the Sun” offers a hammer punches with high energy dynamic guitars, deep bass licks, triple speed drum beats, and powerful brute force vocals.

I had a chance to ask the band what this song was about…

High As the Sun is “about growing up, relationships and how drugs can get the best of people, etc.”

This song ends on a stop dead beat and lyrics that thrust you into thought. Be sure to check out this powerful band!

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