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BTD Song Review She Just Wants to Dance by Al Boulton Band

Written by on December 14, 2022

BTD Song Review “She Just Wants to Dance” by the Al Boulton Band

Spin the mirror balls and disco…

The Al Boulton Band, all the way from Cairns, Australia. Get out your dancing shoes! This band has pizzazz! The band consists of Al Boulton who is the lead singer and also on bass, Leon Tussie is on drums, Lutalo Kyingi on keyboards, on vocals are;  Madonna Davies, Charlotte Davies, Nicole Willinger, and last but not least, Dave Breeze who is on guitar.

I remember the days of disco, it was a culture! Dancing and showing off those best dance moves was the thing to do. The disco era also had fashion and style. Everyone gather around the mirror ball, I just described the Al Boulton Band and their song “She Just Wants to Dance.”

Get ready to step into that time capsule, let your mind go. “She Just Wants to Dance” has those up-tempo rhythmic disco beats that will have you on the dance floor within seconds. The song is filled with great lead and backup vocals, lots of bass, and synthesizers.

I had a chance to ask the band what this song was about:

How the song came about was that I was playing bass in a band at this venue and I noticed this lady on the dancefloor getting hassled and grabbed. The words formed in my mind ‘She just wants to Dance’. I knew that this lady loved to dance to live music and this was the entire reason she was here. Over months I noticed this same lady getting hassled by different guys and I thought it was terrible behavior from the guys. This was a song that sat on the backburner but I knew I had to write it, it took me a few months all up to craft it. Even after I recorded drums I rearranged the song by shortening a couple of sections.  The song is for all the ladies who like to go out dancing. It’s great to see the ladies out having fun. God bless them.

I invite you to check out the video:

 She Just Wants to Dance – Al Boulton Band – YouTube

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