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RouteNote Distributor Empowering Independent Artists in the Digital Music Industry

Written by on September 8, 2023

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RouteNote Distributor Empowering Independent Artists in the Digital Music Industry

Discovering a reliable digital distributor holds immense significance, especially when you’re just starting your journey as an independent artist. As someone deeply immersed in the world of independent music, I’ve personally experimented with various digital distribution platforms. In an era where the music industry is continually evolving, independent artists are actively seeking innovative ways to share their artistry with a global audience. Digital distribution platforms have emerged as indispensable tools for musicians, granting them the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience, even without the substantial support of major record labels.

One platform that has made a profound impact in this arena is RouteNote Distributor. In this article, we will delve into the essence of RouteNote Distributor, understand its mechanics, and explore why it has become the preferred choice for artists seeking to disseminate their music to a broader audience.


What Is RouteNote Distributor?

RouteNote Distributor is a digital music distribution service that enables independent musicians to upload, distribute, and monetize their music across various online streaming platforms and music stores. Founded in 2007 by Steven Finch and RouteNote Limited, this platform has garnered a strong reputation for its user-friendly interface, transparency, and diverse distribution options.

How Does RouteNote Distributor Work?

  1. Sign-Up: Getting started with RouteNote Distributor is simple. Artists can sign up for a free account, which allows them to upload and distribute their music without any upfront fees.
  2. Upload Your Music: Once registered, artists can upload their music tracks, cover art, and relevant metadata. RouteNote supports a wide range of audio formats, making it easy for artists to provide high-quality files.
  3. Choose Distribution Options: RouteNote offers two primary distribution options: Free and Premium. With the Free option, artists retain 85% of their royalties but might experience longer release times. The Premium option offers faster distribution and a higher revenue share of 100% for a small one-time fee.
  4. Select Stores and Streaming Services: Artists can choose from a vast network of online platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and more. RouteNote makes it easy to target your audience by distributing to niche music stores as well.
  5. Release and Monetize: After distribution, RouteNote ensures that your music is available to listeners worldwide. Artists can track their earnings through RouteNote’s analytics and receive payments through PayPal or bank transfers.

Why Choose RouteNote Distributor?

  1. Affordability: RouteNote offers a free distribution option, allowing artists to get their music out to the world without any upfront costs. For those willing to invest a bit, the Premium option offers even more benefits.
  2. Transparency: Artists can monitor their distribution progress and earnings through RouteNote’s user-friendly dashboard, providing full transparency into their music’s performance.
  3. Global Reach: RouteNote’s extensive network ensures that your music is available to listeners across the globe. This broad reach can help independent artists build an international fanbase.
  4. Flexibility: Whether you’re an emerging artist or an established musician, RouteNote accommodates various needs, from singles to full-length albums, and allows you to control your music’s distribution.
  5. Prompt Payments: RouteNote offers fast and reliable payment options, ensuring that artists receive their earnings in a timely manner.


RouteNote Distributor has become a vital platform for independent musicians seeking to navigate the digital music landscape successfully. Its affordability, transparency, and global reach make it an attractive choice for artists looking to share their music with a wide audience and earn revenue from their creative work. As the music industry continues to evolve, RouteNote Distributor is poised to remain a crucial partner for independent artists on their journey to musical success.

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