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BTD Reviews song Mis raíces by Eduanis Zerquera

Written by on January 26, 2024

BTD Reviews song Mis raíces by Eduanis Zerquera

Eduanis Zerquera ” Mis raíces ” is a musical masterpiece that intertwines talent, culture and joy. Eduanis shows off her remarkable piano skills, adding a personal touch to this celebration of her African roots, the birth of Cuba and the vibrant spirit of Salsa.

The arrangement, skillfully crafted by Ernesto Zuniga, provides a solid foundation for the track. The bass is remarkable, creating a rhythmic landscape that complements Eduanis’ piano prowess. The originality of the composition shines, capturing the essence of Eduanis Zerquera’s heritage.

The song is a joyful ode to the soul of Cuba, emanating happiness and positivity. The animated video with drawings of Nori, a wonderful Japanese artist enhances the experience, offering a visual feast that complements the cultural richness of the music.

Eduanis’ vocals, delivered with a soft and attractive blend, perfectly complement the uplifting atmosphere of the song. The piano, both by Eduanis and additional instruments, contribute to a beautiful melodic tapestry that introduces the listener to the heart of the music. The percussions, bright and lively, add a dynamic energy that keeps the song pulsating alive.

The addition of charming horns adds an extra layer of sophistication, creating a sound that is cheerful and elegant. Mis raíces ” is a harmonious blend of diverse musical elements, creating a mosaic that reflects the multifaceted nature of Cuba’s musical heritage.

In conclusion, ” Mis raíces ” by Eduanis Zerquera is not just a song; it is a celebration of identity and a testimony of the power of music to transmit cultural stories. With its piano talent, impeccable arrangement and vibrant instrumentation, this song is a captivating journey to the heart and soul of Cuba