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BTD Interviews Wesrok

Written by on April 16, 2024

BTD Interviews Wesrok

Greetings Wesrok, I am looking forward to chatting with you about your musical journey. Your music blends elements of country and reggae, which is so unique. Can you share what initially drew you to combine these two genres, and how do you think this fusion contributes to your distinctive sound?

Country and Reggae music both have a high fan base and the fact that I grew up listening to both in rural Jamaica I immediately fell in love with both maybe because they both provide you with the opportunity to sing about your life story.

Each day I listen to the greats such as Kenny Rogers and Bob Marley and tried to emulate their music so when I came up with my own style it was just inevitable.

I think I read that you transitioned from a career in law enforcement to pursuing music, that’s quite the change, how has your background influenced your approach to song writing and performing?

Having a paramilitary background is great. It taught me to have self-discipline and to be brave. These two attributes anchor my whole life.

Your music has been described as having a universal appeal, resonating with listeners from various backgrounds and cultures. How do you ensure that your music remains authentic to your Jamaican roots while also appealing to a global audience?

In a modern world is a universal experience and so this is not unique to Jamaica. So, I write and sing about these topics so people around the world can identify with my music.

I would love to talk about the remix of your song “Perfectly Imperfect,” featuring East Indian influences. What inspired you to incorporate these elements into your music, and what was the creative process like working with DJ AKS on this remix?

Wesrok is about spreading joy and love around the world. I am of Indian descent

So, I have to find ways of reaching my roots through other means so when I was introduced to DJ AKS by Don Hines, I gladly accept the offer to do a remix of Perfectly Imperfect. It has been a success and i am hoping to do more works with DJ AKS. He is a musical genius.

Congrats on your new recently released track “Don’t Get me Wrong”. I read this is a collaboration with Busy Signal. How did that come about? I have to say this song carries a powerful message. Can you dive into the inspiration behind this song and the impact you hope it will have on listeners?

The song Don’t Get Me Wrong is a great song I try to make it real all the time. God is my source of inspiration. He gives me all the inspiration He brought me through the struggles. So, I can’t help but to sing about things that can change the world for the better

Speaking of collaboration, this seems to be a recurring theme in your career, from working with Masicka and Laa Lee to partnering with Busy Signal. How do these collaborative efforts influence your creative process, and what do you enjoy most about collaborating with other artists?

Collaboration is a normal thing today. So, artist have top into each other space to gain additional attention. These Jamaican artists have different fan base and are respected by their fans so when Wesrok does a song with them it forces fans to listen to Wesrok music and vice versa.

I would really like to hear from you in your own words how you would describe your song “Born As A Winner,” there is a catch. You have only ten words or less to describe it.

Born As A Winner is simply honest and factual.

What is your must favorite song to perform on stage and why?

I always performed “Born As A Winner” because the people like it. I always give the people what they want. Many can identify with this song.

Making your debut at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay must have been a significant milestone in your career. What was that experience like for you, and how do you approach live performances to connect with your audience?

Reggae Sumfest is every new artist dream do when I got the chance to do so I was elated. I gave it my best shot and was fully prepare for it. The people showed me love so the rest was easy. You have to be confident in all your performances and relate to your audience always.

Where did the name Wesrok come from? What inspired the name?

The name Wesrok came from the concept Western Music and Reggae Music. Western Toughness.

You’ve mentioned Kenny Rogers, Marty Robbins, and contemporary country stars like Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw as early inspirations. How did these artists influence your approach to song writing and performing?

Kenny Rogers and Marty Robins etc inspire me a whole lot. Their art of storytelling is impeccable. I got this legend to follow so I just had to bench mark the way they do things.

What’s a day in the studio like with Wesrok?

A day at the studio is like a day in school. I am focus and give everything I am doing my all.

What’s your favorite things to do outside of your music career?

I like housing development and fashion when I am not doing music

What can you share with our BTD listeners that you have never shared in any other interview before?

It’s hard to find something I have not share before but I guess people need to know that I love people more than myself. I wish I could do more to help those suffering.

Finally, what can fans expect from Wesrok in the near future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about?

The fans can expect more positive music from Wesrok. I have a collab coming up with Big Mountain and a new EP in the making. I am optimistic about the future. One Love. Bless.