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Rusty Bonez – Artist Interview

Written by on September 25, 2020

BTD Radio presents…. Rusty Bonez!
Hello Rusty Bonez! Welcome to the studio. I can not wait to interview your rocking band! So let’s get started!
Hello BTD radio! We are very happy to be here and we can’t wait to answer your questions!

I see that you are from Athens Greece, is the whole band from there? How did you all meet up?
Yes, the whole band is from Athens. We met each other a long time ago, almost 14 years, again for creating a band (different project) and we remain good friends ever since!

Could you go around the room and introduce the band? Like, who plays the guitar, who plays the drums, vocals, bass and who’s the most funniest in the band?
No problem! We have Nondas Emmanouil on vocals,, Jojos Silivridis on bass, Alexandros Varsanis on drums and i am Kostas Karapetsas, the guitarist. I think that the funniest guy in the band is Jojos, but i don’t think that he knows it…!!

So you are at a bar and you met this guy who loves reggae music. It’s time for you to tell this guy all about your music and convince him to buy your new “Wrath” album.
First of all i would say congrats, because i love reggae! And now that i have his attention, i would say to him, that just like the great Bob Marley said that we have to stand up for our rights, we are trying to do the same thing with “Wrath”, only from a rock point of view!

Let’s talk more about your album “Wrath”. I have to say, it rocks! What’s your most favorite song off the album and why?
Thank you very much! I think this is the most difficult question that we have to answer, because we love all of our songs and we all have a different favorite one! Now, if we have to pick only one, i think we will all agry in Broken Mold!

My favorite song off the album is Broken Mold. Could you tell me and our listeners what this song is about?
The song is about how society is trying to put your life in a “box”, where everything its predecided! How to live, what to think, what to believe! Through this song, we are trying to say, that you have to get out of this “cage”, speak your mind and stand up for your believes!

You guys really haven’t been a band very long but your sound is just so tight, like you have been a band forever. I would say you all were meant to play music together. How often do you get together and practice? If I was invited to one of your band practices, what would I see?
Usually we get together once or twice a week. I think that the main characteristic of our rehearsals is beer and laughter! So, if you ever get to the studio with us, you will see four guys having fun, drinking beer and jumming old and new ideas!
I am sure you guys have many fans, what is a Rusty Bonez fan like? What is one of their favorite songs to hear on stage?
I want to believe that people who like Rusty Bonez, its like us. Guys that likes rock music, can’t live without it, always attending as many gigs as possible and having a good time! I think one of their favorite songs is Scream of Souls. We always get a good vibe when we play this song on a gig!

How did you come up with the name “Rusty Bonez?”
When we decided to put the band together, it was a time that we all felt a little “rusty”, because we had taken a break from playing for some time! That, along with the feeling that we got from our songs when we started composing, made it a great choice for the bands name.

How would you say being in a band has changed your life?
We’ve been playing music for so many years now, that we can’t remember what is like to live without it! Being in a band expands your horizons, makes you wanna be more creative, share music ideas, express but also control your feelings and learn to give and take possitive energy.

Another hot song off your album I like is “Stoned Skin.” I even love the title. How did you come up with the title and what is the song about?
The song talks about all the feelings that we keep hidden deep inside us. When you don’t let them out and you keep them burried, they are creating a “stone wall” and then nothing can come in, or out anymore…and you are feeling dead inside you!

How did you get started in music? What sparked your interests? Did you have influences, coaches, or family who inspired you?
My main influence, that made me want to start playing, is all the great rock bands i’ve been listening since i was young. Watching them perform on stage made me say, “Damn…i want to do that too!!”. Unfortunately, my family wasn’t into rock music, but i was very lucky to have many friends that helped me learn how to play and i can’t thank them enough for this!

It was great getting to know you through your music , please tell our listeners where your music can be found. Also, feel free to use this time for any shout-outs, specials, or news.
Thank you for having us! Through Blackdown Music, you can find Rusty Bonez music everywhere! Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes,Amazon, Deezer… Just pick the one you prefer! We will soon announce our summer gigs, so stay tuned for more!

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