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Ed Roman – Artist Interview

Written by on September 30, 2020

Ed Roman Red Omen

Welcome to the studio!

Hello Ed! Welcome back to the studio. The last time we spoke, it was back in 2014. I can’t wait to hear all about what is happening in your music career today!

ED. It’s wonderful to speak to you again today and thank you so kindly for having me back. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of years traveling all over the United States and more recently I have released in my latest album RED OMEN.

So let’s roll right into it…I see you have a new album out, how exciting! Please tell our listener’s all about Red Omen. How did you come up with the name?

ED. RED OMEN is an anagram of my own name. Language is one of the most fascinating things that I have encountered in my life and ironically struggled with it as a young child when dealing with dyslexia. It never ceases to amaze me how we wield words on a daily basis and yet sometimes know not of what their true operative meetings are. At the same time our language is changing… we’ve gone from unbelievable eloquence and robust vocabularies to more emoticon and conographic symbol-based language. This is fascinating to me as a writer as it seems to allude to return to our ancient past. The album is the tapestry and an amusement park in terms of descriptions about the human condition. It will make you laugh and think hopefully in regards to your own personal victories and conundrums.

Ed Roman Red Omen

What is your most favorite song from your new album?

ED. I like all the songs that are on the record otherwise they wouldn’t of ended up on the record but I guess my favorite song is Red Omen. I like the whimsical nature of the storytelling this song and the way it alludes to my past and my current and perhaps my future course of actions. It has an African like flavor to it with a really fun to play..

I found a quote on your website that I would love to know more about; He’s a messenger…He’s a radical…He is Love…” The Godfather of Love,” what does this mean?

ED. Many people of asked me why I have chosen to do what I’ve done in my life which is pursue music. To me music is the ultimate love embrace. It has that mother like quality to it that will scold you one moment in the next hold you close to let you know that you were still loved. The idea in the 21st-century of wielding love more like a weapon is a radical idea. The negativity and anxiety and out right evil behavior that is occurring inside of the human condition all over the world needs to be halted. If we as humans are greatly influenced by the things that we see in here then I for one will be the first proponent of love once again as many were in the past. “What’s so funny about peace love and understanding” Elvis Costello. This is the message for today. The message is love. It is radical to spread the message of love more than anything. It does not need to exist inside of dogmatic practices but with our daily contacts with our fellow humans no matter who they are or how they live their lives.

I see you were nominated for several music awards through-out the year, including three Josie Music Awards! That is so cool! Please tell us all about it. You must have been so excited!

ED. I am always so honored and excited to receive awards and nominations from guilds and organizations  all over the world. It makes me giddy. Of course the most important thing for me in terms of the greatest achievements is the fact that I have the ability to practice my craft and live my life fruitfully and a simplistic way through what I do.

So what are “Ed Heads?”

ED. Add heads are the followers of my music and more so followers of nothing. They are ones that use their own minds and hearts in order to make everybody’s life that much better. I never try to offer philosophy and or some kind of groupthink mentality. My messages always suggesting that you try to find the truth in your own heart. It’s not just about the things that we say but the actual actions that we take every day. The symbol of the stone head, the ED Head, like you find on the edges of the coastline of Easter island are symbolic of a steadfast approach that is long-lasting and still forever gazing into the beautiful sun.

What are some of the other things that you can tell us about that has happened since the last time we spoke?

ED. Over the last year I’ve been asked to run for federal office for prime minister of the country of Canada by number of small groups. I haven’t actually discussed it with many people but it is something that the legwork is actually being done for. How’s that for a kick. Then again I just might write a few more records before then..

What makes Ed Roman? If you could think of one thing through-out your music career that has stood out the most, what would it be?

ED. I’m not trying to be anything that I’m not. I’ve always felt close attachment to musicians and artisans that were just being themselves. This seems to amplify the concept of what an artist really is. It is a person that has the ability to fuse their life with the rhythm of the times. This is what I’m trying to be. A mirror. Most of the time it’s for myself and other times is completely reactionary to the things I see hear read and feel. I’m not about disco pants and haircuts but I do like a good pair shoes.

Could you tell us about any tours you have coming that you can tell our listeners about?

ED. I am now in the process of setting up a tour for the spring and summer of 2017. There are the prospects of playing in New York State in the late spring as a part of the HEART SONGS FOR VETERANS organization that I am an ambassador for.

When you are looking for that peaceful place, that place for inspiration… where do you go, what do you do?

ED. I have an old old bathtub. Cast for my room and covered ceramic. The water comes from my well cold and fresh. My tub is like a time machine. Perhaps it is something more like Doctor Who’s Tardis. I can spend up to an hour and a half and that baby in there so many things that run through my mind but I also allow them to filter through me so I can feel it piece when tensions are at their highest. Water to me is a sacred thing. 78% of my body is water and without getting to Stanley Kubrick regenerating myself with that incredible H2O is definitely a salvation. Look out when I get to the ocean..

The last time we did an interview, I asked you about your first live performance. How would you say things have changed?

ED. I try not to worry about anything anymore other than the fact that I am in a good headspace and I’m happy and ready to play. We as humans tend to get lost in cycles in our own minds and sometimes doing this days, weeks or even before show can be an  unhealthy exercise. When I have that peace and calmness in my heart the music comes out the right way and at the right time. It helps me read the room.

It was great having you back again, please tell our listeners what’s in store for Ed Roman as you move forward and where your music can be found?

ED. I must say thank you to you as well as it is always a pleasure to be able to speak with you and talk about the craft of music.

Please check me out at my website where you can get a hold of all of my social networking buttons and keep up-to-date with the shows that I am playing, articles I’ve written and any radio shows that I might be on at Get the new album RED OMEN today where all music lives. Stay golden…