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Eddy Mann – Artist Interview

Written by on September 30, 2020

Eddy Mann
Hello Eddy, I am so excited to get started with this interview. Could you tell our listeners where you are from?

EM: I was born and bread in Philadelphia, PA, and after a season of extensive traveling as a musician, I settled back here to raise a family number of years ago.

I was reading your bio, wow you are a man who wears many hats, impressive! I see you have been a worship leader for over fifteen years, that is awesome. Do you feel this helped you in your music career? How do you find time to feed your spirit with Gods word during while being a Worship leader?  What advice can you give to those who want to become a worship leader?

EM: I never set out to be a Worship Leader, but I’ve always been mindful of being prepared for where my journey would take me. I worked hard at my craft (and still do) so that I’d be ready when opportunities became available. I was a seasoned musician and an experienced teacher before I got the call to lead. So it really wasn’t a difficult transition on the surface. The aspect that needed the most attention was growing into a spiritual leader.

As for being fed, I’m very diligent when it comes to the start of each day. I always schedule time for physical, spiritual and musical growth. It’s just my way of keeping a good balanced in my life. My advice for anyone who wanted to pursue this type of service would be to refine your gifts, and be open and faithful to use them where you are led.

I would love to talk you about your beautiful music! You certainly have the  gift of song writing. How to you go about your writing process? Out of the many songs that you have written, which song would you say still touches you as if you just wrote it today?

EM: I naturally write everyday. I find myself being inspired by life. The conversations I have, the music I hear, the art I see, and the books I read; just being amongst nature inspires me.

The writing process for each song is different. It might be a melody, or a rhythm figure, a quote from a book, or a sunrise on the beach. I get lost when looking at paintings. My mind runs wild discovering the story between the brush strokes.

There are quite a few songs that conjure up some deep emotions in me when I play them. One special one is called ‘Your Will Be Done in Me’ from the “Who We Are” album. It wasn’t going to make the final cut when a friend of mine said you’ve got to include this one. As it turned out, my mother passed that year and in her waning days that was the song that brought her the most comfort.

You have released seven CD’s, nice! Which one is your most favorite and why?

EM: I think it’s natural for the latest one to always be your favorite. It’s like your children, the youngest gets all the attention at first, but you love them all. You have these wonderful memories with each one of them, and not surprisingly, they continue to grow and change they’re never really a finished work. Because songs are always morphing, they can become fresh in all kinds of ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Speaking of CD’s, I hear you have a new album coming out, please tell us all about it. What makes this album different than the rest of your albums?

EM: I actually have two coming out before year’s end. In September I’ll be releasing a worship album called ‘Re:Prize’ which will feature the most engaging songs from three past albums that have sold-out. The tracks have been re-mixed and re-mastered with a few surprises in them.

Then in November I’ll be releasing the follow up to the ‘Dig Love’ album called ‘The Consequence.’ It once again will be dominated with a peaceful, loving and compassionate view of the world, but will be a little darker which provides a glimpse of the power of love when life is challenging and tough. Musically it might be a little quieter due to the lyrical settings, but still is drenched in the folk, Americana, roots rock culture.

How would you describe your style to a person on the street? You only have twenty words or less.

EM: Honest, humble, compassionate, Americana roots rock with a touch of blue-eyed gospel.

Your song Doxology is super powerful. I quote your lyrics:

Praise God from whom all blessing flow
Praise Him, all creatures here below
Praise Him, above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Praise Him, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Praise Him, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

How would you explain this beautiful song to someone who does not understand this?

EM: Faith is an unexplainable feeling. Each one of us, believers or not, are spiritual beings. We’re touched, moved and inspired by things we can’t always explain. I’ve come to realize my blessings as an act of God. I have no answers to how I’ve come to live the life I live. Sure I work hard, I plan, I practice, I schedule and I take care of myself physically, but that doesn’t explain the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. It doesn’t explain the perfect timing, the surprising results or the perfect rewards. So I offer up a song of recognition to the One I believe is and has always showed me perfect love.

Can you remember the first song you have ever written? How many  instruments do you play? I see you own a nice handful of guitars. I have a funny question… do you name your guitars?

EM: I don’t remember the first song that I ever wrote, but I do remember the song that made me want to offer my gift to God. It’s called ‘Swept Up in Joy’ and it’s available only from my website on an album called ‘Soul du Jour.’

I’m competent on quite a few instruments but am most comfortable on guitar when it comes to live performances… and yes, I do have a habit of naming my guitars. I have two twins (Little Martins) ‘Alphi’ and ‘Beta’ that accompany me on all my current live dates.

I see you have a nice sized family, how supportive are they and your music career? Do they get involved?

EM: My family has always been supportive of my creative ventures. They understand my nature to be inspired constantly. They’ve been quite a blessing in that way. My wife has a passion for photography and creates a lot of my visuals. Of course my children are my blood so they have the creative genes to deal with in their own way. My youngest daughter just helped create a new video for the ‘Re:Prize’ album. I really enjoy working with her.

I am going ask you a typical interview question, who were your childhood influences? Why? 

EM: My father played piano and had a bebop jazz quintet, while my mother passed on her culture to me through childhood songs. I guess I was always surrounded by music, all kinds of music. Looking back, all the seasons of my life have had distinctive soundtracks to them. They’re varied for sure, all kinds of genres. So my influences are many and they all make up the fabric of whom I am.

I was looking on your website and I clicked on the tab “arts.” It looks like you are into photography. Could you tell us a little bit more about your art?

EM: A few years ago I found myself getting very involved with graphics and in a very natural way took to photography. I’m drawn to it much like songwriting for myself. The joy and beauty is in causing someone else to feel something when they hear or see it. I’m always encouraging friends, fans and strangers to communicate through any forum how they were moved by photos and or songs. Even the negative responses can be inspiring when they’re expressed in an artful way.

So what does the future hold for Eddy Mann? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your goals?
EM: I hope to still be relevant, to have a message that people still want to be hear, and to continue to be inspired to create.

It was a pleasure getting to know you through your music. You’re on the right track. I would like to open this forum up to you to add any additional comments that you would like.

Lately I’ve been encouraging people to play their part in changing the climate of our world. To remember all that we have in common, and not to let the one thing we don’t stop the conversation. I truly believe that if each one of us does our part that we can change the way we move forward.

Last but not least, please tell our listeners where they can find your music? If you have any special shout-outs, please feel free to do them now.

EM: I’m surrounded with a beautiful supporting cast beyond my personal family.
My band: Andrew Barber, Mike Lozinski, Kevin Smith and Mike Fiocca.
MTS Management Group: Michael Stover

Thank you BTD Radio for you support!

Pray on,