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G-Stomper Studio, Midi and an old keyboard

Written by on September 30, 2020


Connect to Stomper App, Midi, via Android

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G-Stomper Studio is one of those Apps that you must have if you are a musician. Nothing like being in the middle of song writing while on the “go” and you have no tools around to jot down your thoughts. I love this App! There are so many features and free add-ons to keep the creative minds happy for a long while. I love that you can connect midi as well, that’s a great plus! Read below how I turn my old keyboard into a midi blasting machine!

There’s a Sequencer, Drum Pads, Effects, Piano, Live Pattern/Song Arranger and more. I also wanted to mention the sounds created from this APP sound really good!

When I am not on the go, I can take this handy APP and connect it to my old Yamaha CS6x. I still love this keyboard. The sounds are pure, great, and full but I am not here to talk about my keyboard. I want to talk to you about how you can expand your old keyboard and make great new sounds. It only takes a few simple cables and the it cost is under $25 or less. I think that is worth it! Stick with the keyboard you love and expand it.

G Stumper App

Here’s what you will need and what I recommend.

·    G-Stomper App (Android)

·    OTG cable (this will connect to your Android)

·    Midi to USB Cable (hook to you keyboard)

OTG USB Cable & Midi Cable

Here’s the steps to make it happen:  It’s basically 5 simple steps.

·    Hook up your Midi to USB cable to your keyboard. Cable has midi out and a midi in.

·    Take the midi out from the cable and insert into the midi in on your keyboard, Take the midi in from the cable and insert into the midi out on your keyboard

·    Now plug the USB of the Midi cable into the OTG and plug the OTG cable to you Android.

·    Turn your keyboard on.

·    Load up the G-Stomper App and the App should ask for permission to use your USB port, select yes.

That’s it! Start playing.

Troubleshooting steps: If you do not get any sound, you may need to turn up your Android volume or connect via the headphone.

Midi tips, you might need to consult with your keyboard manual for additional midi settings.

Check and make sure the midi setting in G-Stomper are correct.

G Stomper -Midi Settings

I use it on my Nexus 7 and my generic Android tablet and works it works fine.

Read the Amazon reviews for yourself and you will see that this is a worth paying for!

Enjoy creating music on the GO anytime, anywhere!

T Dawn

BTD Studios!

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