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BTD Interviews Lucy Morningstar

Written by on January 28, 2023

BTD Interviews Lucy Morningstar

Hey there Lucy Morningstar! I am excited to interview you. Looks like we are both from the same state, cool cool! Yep, that’s a double cool. LOL. So our BTD listeners know, you are from Los Angeles, CA, just for the record.

Hey T Dawn! It’s awesome to connect with you! I look forward to meeting you soon and hopefully seeing you at a show one of these days!! I’m originally from New York but I live in SoCal and have a studio in the South Bay.

It’s a little cold here right now, but that won’t stop us from doing this fabulous interview. Ready to get started?

Yes let’s keep it toasty!

I am loving your artist name? How did it come about?

Thank you so much! My name came to be randomly when I was asked what my name means. A girl I had hung out with was just curious about it but then said oh cool why don’t you go by Lucy Morningstar and I liked that so I did.

I watched a lot of your videos and listened to your great tracks, I want to dig into all that good stuff, but before I do, I got to ask… who are your musical inspirations?

I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying my music. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. My inspirations are The Doors, Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Modest Mouse, Iration, The Cure, Grateful Dead,

You have a mix of styles in your music, I hear some reggae, rock, singer songwriter and some others. I don’t really like to categorize artists, but it’s good for our BTD listeners to know your style.  What category do you consider yourself?

Tropical folk, reggae & ska / World music

You seem like a laid back soul, kind of  70’s type of vibe, earthy, carefree. How would you describe your soul?

I find myself to be spontaneous and inviting towards excitement, fun situations and new connections. My soul loves to travel and experience all the magical elements of the world piece by piece, moment by moment.

Let’s talk about your song “Butterflies.” I always love to ask the artists what their songs are about. How did the title come along?

The song and it’s title came to me when I was in NY and on the way back from Jamaica. I had this beautiful and excited feeling that was driving me and i couldn’t resist putting it into song once I got to the studio in Brooklyn.

Have you always been involved in music? How did your music career start?

I was lucky to have music introduced to me early in life. My Dad was a great songwriter and musician who passed down the love to me of creating music and sharing it. I started recording and producing music when I was about 16 and that has been a big influence to me as well because I love composing and creating soundscapes and instrumental tracks as well as songs with vocals.

I saw some of your gig videos, are you still playing out? What’s your most favorite song to play live and why?

Thank you for taking the time to check out my videos! I do play live pretty often and have been performing a lot more with my band lately too. My favorite song to play live is Ska Song because of its fun, high energy vibe and the way the band clicks into the groove with the audience.

Can you name any interesting things that happened while gigging?

Recently in Ventura a guy was dancing so sexually it made me start cracking up mid song and my laughter became a part of the music because he was too hilarious to contain myself.

Years ago I was playing a show with my band in Oakland and was invited to be on a radio show afterwards that turned into a life long friendship with radio host DJ Matt Holdaway.

One time when I was on a family vacation in Bermuda before I was performing regularly a musician got wind that I was a guitar player and singer who was there in the audience. He spontaneously decided to call me up to play a few songs, I was only 16 at the time but it was thrilling and even moreso when I ran into a schoolmate there at the bar who I had attended boarding school with. It felt like a sign of being on the right path especially now looking back at it. My parents had let me stay out by myself at the bar and take a cab ride back which was unusual but meaningful in this situation where I unexpectedly got to be part of the show.

Now I would like to talk about your song, “Song For You.” Obviously was that song is for someone, who? Can you say?

Song For You was written about the trials and tribulations of my recent relationship. I was finding out that we didn’t fully match. Our time together reminded me that the mission I’m on and being a performer is it’s own thing and I have to remain on my own path in order to keep moving forward.

What does studio time look like in Lucy’s world? Are you in the studio all day long crank’in out songs? If I was a fly on the wall what would I see?

I go into studio sessions with a plan of action nowadays. Even if I’m writing a song on the spot I typically decide what I’m going in to do and then set my energy to match that experience. Whether solo or with other musicians I like to be creative and open up to the magic of the moment and a lot of what happens while in recording seems to be prompted by the environment, who I’m working with and the influence we’re channeling.

Take me to that happy writing place, what does that look like? What starts that writing process for you?

I like to go off a sudden spark of inspiration. When that strikes and I have an insatiable need to write the thoughts down. Sometimes it’s grabbing a guitar or another instrument to play the feeling into a new melody or song that hits like an emotional recognition taking me to a familiar place and feeling. There is a euphoric sense to being able to improvise and come up with words and sounds that match the frequencies of my experience so I am grateful for every chance I get to write something new.

Digging your tune, “Journey to the Other Side.” Time to share, what is that song about?

Thank you! I wrote this song in Jamaica. Journey to the Other Side is about how meeting new people and connecting with their vibe and story helps us to elevate and clarity our intentions. When we are able to give more of ourselves to others it reflects directly to align with our cause. In a sense the message of the song is what you put out is what you get back.

Well, coming to the close of the interview, I did want to ask you if there were any cool projects, any new music coming out?

I will be releasing ‘Victories’ 12/22/22 a song I produced with Delroy Pottinger at Anchor Recording Studios in Kingston JA. There is a lot more music I will be releasing in 2023 as well.

Oh wait, last question, what can you tell our BTD listeners about you that you have never shared in any other interview?

I am hoping to reach a bigger audience in 2023 and beyond. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received and new listeners who are tuning in. I know I have a lot of work to do and I’m excited to get to perform at bigger festivals and stages around the world.

Ok yes, really the last question. Where can our BTD listeners find your music?

My music is available on Apple, Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and it’s under Lucy Morningstar. I also am on social media IG is LucyMorningstarOfficial and on Facebook Lucy Morningstar Band and Lucy Morningstar Music Group. Subscribing to my YouTube page and adding me on Spotify are the best ways to stay up to date with my new releases and performance videos.

Lucy Morningstar | Spotify

(4) Lucy Morningstar – Butterflies – YouTube

Thank you very much for this opportunity! Blessings & Happy Holidays 🙂

It was a pleasure interviewing you… Lucy Morningstar!

T Dawn