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Richard Lynch – Artist Interview

Written by on September 30, 2020

Hello Richard! Nice to have you back into the studio again. I see you have been busy. Another new album release that I can’t wait for us to talk about! So let’s go ahead and get started. The last we spoke was back in Nov 2016. How is this new album “Mending Fences” different than the previous album, “A Better Place”?

We are thrilled with the new album. We are extremely happy with the great songs we had to choose from. We also greatly enjoyed working with our producers Edgel Groves & Randall Griffith. All in all the project went very well and the reviews coming in have been excellent.

How did you celebrate the release of your new album?

On April 1st we held an official CD release party at The Warren County Fairgrounds. We had a wonderful crowd and even our producers from Nashville and several radio DJ’s attended.

Great new single, “Cut and Paste.” Could you tell our listeners about this song? How did the title come about, what’s your favorite lyrical line from this song?

Cut & Paste is a great song. It was actually on hold for George Strait but had not been cut so the writer, Nick Nichols was able to get the hold released so I could cut it. I figured if it was good enough for King George it was good enough for me !!

The last we spoke you were telling me that you build barns and how rare they are in our world today. You said that this concerns you and some of your older songs talk about preserving barns. Are there any of your songs off your new album that talk about barns or similarities?

All though I no longer have time for large barn projects I will always be dedicated to preserving them whenever possible. Yes, I am extremely proud of our original song Worth Saving which was written by myself and my keyboard player Jerry Hughes. The whole premise of the song is that old barns are worth saving.

Speaking of barns, I read that in June, you and your band raised money for farmers, that is awesome! I would love to hear more about it.

Yes we did and actually the whole idea of Worth Saving came from a request to write a jingle for a Michigan barn preservation group. In fact in September we will be performing at The Barn Theater in Augusta, Michigan in a benefit concert for that organization. We always will be unveiling our new Worth Saving video.

I asked you the last time, what you like to do outside of music. One of the hobbies you said was metal detecting. I love that! I have a metal detector that was my dads. We used to go out searching for all kinds of stuff. What is your most prize possession that you have found?

Oh I guess it would be old coins and native American artifacts.

Back to your new album. There are twelve fabulous songs on this album. How long did it take to complete the album? Which is your most favorite song off the album?

Well we spent a couple months on the project. Picking the songs was a real challenge has we had some many great ones pitched to us. Not sure of my overall favorite, but one of the top choices would be the duet Back In Love Again with Rhonda Vincent. She is such a great person and amazing entertainer working with her was an amazing experience.

This is your third album, do you feel that it’s getting easier to release albums?

Perhaps, each time we learn new ways of promotion and gain new contacts that are helpful

I like the song, “Think and Drive” from your new album. Could you tell our listeners about this song?

Well it is a love song in a way that also has an anti drinking/driving message

What’s a Richard Lynch fan club like?

We have tried to create a very interactive club for our members where they can get concert discounts and deals on merchandise. They also get access to private music, photos, videos and the like.

I didn’t get a chance to ask you the last time who your music influences were, care to share now?

Of course my Dad, Woody would be my first true influence. He was a great singer, picker and entertainer. After that it is the greats like Jones, Haggard, Whitley, Twitty and so on.

Well, we have come to the end of our interview and I have learned a little bit more about you. It has been fabulous! Please share with us your future plans, events, projects, etc.

Wonderful and thank you so much for your interest in me as well as my music.

Where can our listeners buy your music?

In addition to our web site, my music is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and all major outlets. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!

Once again, it has been a pleasure interviewing you Richard!

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