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Shadow of Comfort – Artist Inteview

Written by on September 30, 2020

Shadow of Comfort
BTD: Let’s first start by telling our listeners where you are from?

Shadow of Comfort: I was born in St. Paul, MN but I currently reside in Albuquerque, NM where I own a tattoo shop.

BTD: Who is Shadow of Comfort?

Shadow of Comfort: Eric, my brother, and myself

BTD: What style or type would you say your music is? How do you feel about me asking this

question? Some artists do not like to be pegged under a style or genre.

Shadow of Comfort: I don’t mind being asked that at all. To me, it’s just rock! I just write songs and play them. Whatever genre they land in, they will be heard.

BTD: How did you come up with the name Shadow of Comfort? I like it, it’s rather mysterious.

Shadow of Comfort: It’s the name of one of the songs I’ve written. But I do believe in the “shadow” side of us all, we should embrace it and be more comfortable with it. “In your darkness you will find your light. There you will no longer need a mask”.

BTD: Could you tell us something about your song, “Haven’t Even Started”? Interesting title, this

must be something that wasn’t started, right? Please elaborate.

Shadow of Comfort: Yeah, my career in music! (Laughs) This is a very personal song, all the things that wait within me through such a long road hasn’t always been so easy. I wanted the song to relate to keeping your insanity focused.

BTD: Do you feel the Internet has help with your music career?

Shadow of Comfort: Immensely! If I had these social tools 30 years ago when these songs were written I’d be an icon! (Laughs) This is amazing to have my music heard all over the world! I don’t have to depend on some record company accidentally listening to a demo tape.

BTD: What was your first song to get radio play? How did that moment feel?

Shadow of Comfort: Night Hitcher in Tucson, AZ, a song to a rock opera I wrote. To me is was like “Yeah! That sounds right! Like it fit the radio”.

BTD: Could you tell our listeners more about your awesome song “Hope Is On the Move”?

Shadow of Comfort: I wrote this song standing on a frozen lake in MN. It was get it done or freeze to death (Laughs) To me, this song is about finding that part of you that you put away or forgot.

BTD: Who writes all of your songs? Do your remember the first song you wrote?

Shadow of Comfort: I write all the songs. My first song was Lonely Alone. The band loved it! For years it was a show closer. Now all the songs want to close the show (Laughs).

BTD: What is your favorite song ever?

Shadow of Comfort: Oh my god! That’s so hard to say! I wrote a song called The Grid, that has to be in my favorite top ten songs that I have written. You should be hearing it soon.

BTD: What is a day like in the studio with Shadow of Comfort? If I was there what would you have me do?

Shadow of Comfort: Hang out, have fun and make sandwiches! (Laughs) No stress at all, the songs have already been written! Great creativity and pure music.

BTD: How did you get into music? What were your first instruments?

Shadow of Comfort: Eric and I grew up in a house full of music. Guitars laying everywhere and drums in the front room. Nothing but music, art and singing.

BTD: How are your musical influences? Why?

Shadow of Comfort: Doors, CCR and Bowie. They are timeless and genius, they have deep lyrics, they inspire movement, their music has incredible power and they are icons.

BTD: We would love for you to tell our listeners where they can find your music? If you have any special shout outs, please feel free to do them now.

Shadow of Comfort: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and of course many internet radio stations. Shout outs go to Eric, my incredible lead guitarist, my beautiful girlfriend Keleah, my  amazing son Trezdon, and my gorgeous niece Delilah.

Thank you!!!

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