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Andrae Carter BTD Artist Interview

Written by on March 12, 2021

Hi Andrae Carter, I am very much looking forward to this interview.

How would you best describe yourself as a person?

I would say I`m a very compassionate person who loves music and I`m someone who is very hard-working, I also have a love for God and the people.

How would you best describe yourself as a musician?
I would describe myself as a musician who never stops learning and humble to even learn from a child.

How would you best describe your sound? 

I would describe my music as Urban Caribbean.

Where are you from?

I`m from Spanish Town, St. Catherine in Jamaica

You have many musical traits, let’s talk about them. Your bio says you are a professional guitarist. Take us back a bit, I see you started to play the guitar at 16, what was that feeling like when you got it?

I  felt like a child in a candy store, my uncles taught me how to play. What was your first tune you played?  The first tune I played was Amazing Grace.

You stated you are a recording artist, how is that different then a guitarist?

A recording artist has to interact with the crowd and sing, but a guitarist stays in the background and play then goes home.

You are also a producer and a songwriter, which out of all these fabulous traits is your music favorite to take on and why?

I love all of these the same all have significant a role to play in my career.

I see you did a world tour as the guitarist for “Nas & Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives” world tour. That must have been fun. How did you get involved in that?

He wanted a guitarist and I auditioned and that was it.

What rememberable moments can you tell us about?

When two gang leaders came to the concert and they had a fight in the middle of the concert and we still played and calmed them, a lady even lost her teeth.

I was listening to your song, “Girl Come Over” beautiful tune. Did you write this song about a specific girl in mind?

No, a producer and artist Jahraian wrote the song and asked me to sing it and I sang it for him.

Can you tell us about your song, “Don’t Go Chasing Vanity.” How long did that song take to write?

It took less than one hour, it`s telling the younger generations to don’t chase vanity the flashy cars the latest this and the latest that.

“In This World is another nice tune, you really have it going on I gotta say. Can you tell us more about this song?

It was the last song I wrote with the band Further Notice talking about college life styles and targeting the younger people.

What was the first song you have ever written? Do you still have it, or remember it? How old were you when you wrote your first song?

It was called Mama`s work I was 15 or 16.

Do you ever get writers block and what do you do to get through that?

Yes, I do I just meditate on some songs and read some books.

Can you tell me about your company “The House of Carter?” What should we know about it?

It’s a production house who produce artist with raw talent.

 I hear you have a new album coming out, “Music My Mission.” I am loving the title. It’s a strong title. Must be some great songs on that album. Can you tell us what we might hear on this album?

Different styles of music spreading one message which is love and unity. Any exclusive information just for our listeners that you can tell us about? It will be featuring close friends and it`s different from the epic order album too.

How has COVID changed your musical world?

Well, you have to now do everything virtually you just can’t meet anymore everything has its positive and negative effects.

Where can our listeners buy your music?

All digital platforms and from the website which is to come.

We are coming to a close of this interview, did I leave anything out?

No everything was covered except The Give What You Have Foundation.

I enjoyed learning more about you and your music!

~ T Dawn