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BTD Song Review Beantown by Bili Sparrow

Written by on September 22, 2022

BTD Song Review Beantown by Bili Sparrow

Fun, interesting and different, I am referring to the vibrant track by Billi Sparrow called “Beantown.” It has everything from drums to guitars, from horns to violins and from vocals to some really cool chanting. When I hear this, I imagine a big stage where everyone is dancing in sync.

Beantown is a high-energy funk style song through and through. The groove and feel of the band are brilliant together.

Beantown, try to avoid the beatdown

Outstanding storytelling, melodic tones, catchy vocals that is captivating until the very end. Actually, I think it would be super to hear an extended version of Beantown.

If you are not careful, you might feel like you are put into a trance or under the spell of Bili Sparrow. I am happy to have been introduced to such talent!

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