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BTD Song Review Bossanova Number One by the Al Boulton Band

Written by on December 20, 2022

BTD review the song “Bossanova Number One” by the Al Boulton Band.

Get Ready to Escape…

“Bossnova Number One” by the Al Boulton Band is sheer ear candy, This band is mostly known for its upbeat jazz acid disco style, so when I heard this song I was a bit surprised. This song has a rich silky, sexy style and not to mention it is mentally relaxing. The instrumentation and production is smooth and luscious!

I had a chance to catch up with Al and ask him what this song was about.

I have always loved bossanova music and spent a bit of time learning classic bossanova songs. I got a couple of French backpackers to record them speaking French at the end of the track, they are talking about travelling around the world. The song conjures up visions of foreign places. At the time of writing that tune, my life was not stable and I was looking for ways to escape, so this song helped me escape to other places- it can help you escape too! I recall recording the vocals around 1am in the morning by myself in a studio space I had rented in Townsville.

I can totally understand what Al said that this song helped him escape. Are you ready for that escape? Have a listen to “Bossnova Number One” and when you come back from dreaming, be sure to check out more of the Al Boulton Band.

BTD Interview with the Al Boulton Band.


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