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BTD Interviews Sunshyne P

Written by on May 27, 2023

BTD Interviews Sunshyne P

Hello Sunshyne P! I am so eager to talk with you! Welcome to BTD!

Your song “Where Is Love” is so beautiful. I really want to dive into learning more about your creative flow in writing that track but first let’s talk about where are you from?


Thank you so much T Dawn. So, I was born in Newark, New Jersey, however I am of Trinidadian and Honduran parentage! Born to Altheia Franklin Allen of Trinidad and Tobago and Phillip Brooks of La Ceiba Honduras. I was brought up in Trinidadian culture.


What would you say inspired you to pursue a career in music? 

Music has always been an escape for me.  I started out writing poems and was always singing!  I sang in choirs, choruses, groups, jazz bands, I even sang in the Army chorus. I remember singing background for a couple of artists and being told that my voice was powerful and needed to be upfront.  I remember watching MTV, Soul Train, even the artists that used to perform on the late night shows back in the day and feeling as though it was attainable for me because I had a passion for singing.


I was reading that you are a Trinidadian and Honduran native. That’s so very interesting! How do you balance your multicultural background and your reggae style? 

I am so proud of my mixed culture. It allows me to be diverse in my  ability to sing on top of any style of music.  Whether it’s, reggae, Reggaeton, afrobeats, gospel, Jazz, I can sing to many genres of music! I am heavily influenced by Reggae though. I remember living in Trinidad as a young youth and hearing reggae play as we passed by different houses.  I also recall my (Honduran) dad, (Phillip Brooks) playing reggae in his car and on his radio.  My Trini uncle, (uncle Glen) always played Beres Hammond, Gregory Isaac, Dennis Brown and other legends on repeat everywhere we went!  He taught me and my children how to skank and dance to reggae!  He also took me to my first reggae concert which was Beres Hammond, Maxi Priest and Marcia Griffith.  It was tradition in my household, when my children were younger, for me to put on Island Stylee (hosted by Rachel on BET) and clean our house to the top ten countdown every Saturday.   I naturally gravitate to reggae.    Even though I love Soca and other genres of music culturally I have an affinity to reggae!  It brings a sense of Nostalgia and knowing “every little thing is going to be alright.”


Here’s one of those very common interview questions but it’s creditable because it allows us to see who influenced you. I think we all have some influences that have helped mold us into who we are today. So, can you guess the question I am going to ask? LOL. Here goes… Who are some of your musical influences or role models?

Hmmm influences and role models… I would say Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Tony Rebel, Born Jamericans, A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ), Janet Jackson, Queen Ifrica, Etana, Klyve, Sizzla, Gyptian (those would be some of my influences) 


As far as role models (musically) I would have to say Blanche McAllister Dykes, Cheri Maree, Jill Scott, Sade,  Nancy Wilson, Etana, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Wyclef Jean, Klyve, Richie Spice, Nora Jones, India Arie


As you are moving through your wonderful world of creating music, what are some of your goals or aspirations as a musician? 

My goal is to inspire anyone who is in pursuit of their dreams to not give up, lead with love, and remain true to themselves!  As far  as aspirations go there’s a particular award I’d like to achieve which would be an amazing legacy to have for my children.  I also want more of my songs in movies and series. Ultimately I’d like to perform on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots!

Now that we have gotten to know some background about you, let’s talk about your ever so inspiring track, “Where Is Love.”  What was your inspiration behind this? 


My inspiration came from healing from an awful break up and a broken heart.  The more I took time to heal the clearer things around me became.  I viewed everything that was happening in the world thru a different lens.  I analyzed everything I saw and asked myself what was the common denominator in all of it and it was the fact that Love was the missing component!  Actually the Lack of Love in every aspect (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and etherically)


What was the tip that set you off to write this song?

Writing is my therapy and music is my love language!  What greater most efficient way to get a message out other than thru music and lyrics!  It was imperative that I wrote it and most importantly released it!


Was this one of those songs that took just a few minutes to write or did you ponder it around a little while?

I wrote the core of it in a day but kept adding to it over the course of a few days!


What is your most favorite lyric of “Where Is Love” and why?

The bridge is my favorite.  It begins with my son giving his perspective of love and then I come in with mine! 

Many pretend to be fabulous

Smoke and mirrors grabbing us

Seeing through the lies disguised as wise, oppressing minds, and such 

Robbed identities Fake memories that adds a special touch

You shouldn’t trust

Know, thyself it is a must

Petty shade parades

Blind leading blind 

can cloud your mind 

stop wasting time 

you have to look into yourself

 and know that what you have is special 

reach back for your seeds and sow with love, where is love?


The reggae vibe of this song flows so well. What inspired that vibe? 

I wrote the song with a reggae vibe in mind and my gifted producer Eduardo Gross created the track around my demo beautifully!  We tweaked and tweaked it until we were satisfied that everything blended and resonated universally! Then my brilliant harmonizor/ MD of music, Klyve (who introduced me to Eduardo) helped collaborate and add the finishing touches!  








I hear you have another artist on this fabulous track, Almighty P, how did that come about?

Well, Almighty P is my Sun!  My lyrics said to look back on your seeds and sow with Love, what better way to do that than to give a space on my platform to allow his perspective on love and speak to his generation in his own voice!


Omgosh, that reminds me, I wanted to ask you this at the beginning but I think it will fit here as well, where did the name Sunshyne P come from? 

I have a close high school friend who named me Sunshyne because he said my smile and aura light up a room!


I love the spelling! 

Thank you so much!


It totally stands out. What does the P stand for? 

 The P was added later.  It’s the first letter of my last name!


What would you say are some of the messages you want to convey through your music? 

I would like to convey love thru my music!  I want to convey positivity, empowerment, strength and healing!  I want to remind my listening audience to not forget about the good times and not get distracted or consumed by matters that are overwhelming and draining.  Give yourself permission to love yourself and enjoy life!


There’s always some inspiration as to why we want to write a song or have others hear us, how do you approach song writing?    

Whatever my mind is focused on usually inspires a hook which then turns into a melody and ultimately a song.


Do you need to sit in a quiet room, do you write on the fly or is it something else?   

I write anywhere I feel inspired.  I could be on a walk, in the facilities, in my bed, at work, in the shower, my car, anywhere a thought hits me I’ll seize the moment when lyrics come to me and I sing them into a device. 


How about the production?  

I typically would sing a song into my device as lyrics come to me, and then, after I’ve completed writing this song, I’ll choose my producer. I typically have a few producers that I work with because they know my voice in the my style of music and most importantly, they believe in what I do.


Do you get others to help you, do you do it all on your own?

I write on my own


In just five words, how would you describe your music?

Uplifting, fun, calming thought provoking, relatable.


Fans are a big driving force behind an artist creating music, they help inspire and motivate. How do you interact with your fans and supporters?  

I interact via social media and other platforms. 


There are so many ways to promote music today, the internet has really helped in that area, but it’s also opened the door to a slew of competition. How do you use social media and other platforms to promote your music and connect with your fans?  

I have an amazing PR team, media team and newfound publicist.  


We are coming close to the end of our interview, moving forward, what are some of the goals or dreams you have as a musician?  

There are a few dream collaborations I’d Love to do.  I’d like to win a few Grammys.   I’d like a global audience to hear my music and book me!


Where do you want to be in five years?

Doing music from my  home studio and touring the world.


What are some projects that you have coming up or collaborations you are working on that you can tell us about.  

I have a few singles I’m working on and ultimately an album!  I am currently on Joe Viglione’s “Demo that Got the Deal Vol 5” magazine and compilation CD project  Mastered by Rob Fraboni (Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Rolling Stones, Jennifer Warnes, etc) which has truly been an amazing experience and an honor! I also have collaborations coming up with a soca artist named Juelio out of Trinidad and Tobago called “Let It Go”, and a Reggae artist named Phil Watkis called “Work Hard!”  I am so excited about these.  Ultimately I will be releasing a compilation album with Skankin Media!  Great things soon forward this year.


Also, where can our BTD listeners find your music?

I am on all streaming platforms under Sunshyne P!  

 It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Sunshyne P through your music! 

Thank you so much  for having me TDawn!  It’s been an honor and a pleasure!  Looking forward to more!


  Be sure to keep the musical spirit alive and keep us updated on your musical journey!

Will do

 Peace and Blessings!  Nuff love every time to TDawn and BTD radio.  Racquel Zion Rock and Joe Viglione bigup yourself!  

T Dawn and BTD Radio