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BTD Reviews Song Where Is Love by Sunshyne P

Written by on May 27, 2023

BTD Reviews Where Is Love by Sunshyne P

Sunshyne P

Sunshyne P

Many pretend to be fabulous

Smoke and mirrors grabbing us

Seeing through the lies disguised as wise, oppressing minds, and such 

Robbed identities Fake memories that adds a special touch

You shouldn’t trust

Know, thyself it is a must

Petty shade parades

Blind leading blind 

can cloud your mind 

stop wasting time 

you have to look into yourself

 and know that what you have is special 

reach back for your seeds and sow with love, where is love?

If those aren’t touching lyrics, you must be living under a rock. Sunshyne P knows how to write from a place down in the heart and soul of the core.


As soon as “Where Is Love” begins you are pulled in by the catchy Reggae beat, then Sunshyne P comes in and ignites this track with her superb vocals, belting out a powerful message that everyone should hear.

The rhythm section is tight with expressive horns, and features guest singer Almighty P. The two vocals together are a powerful match that provides a solid foundation to this well produced track.

Love is the answer not war

The production quality of “Where Is Love” is polished and professional, ensuring that every lyric is delivered with clarity and impact.

In our last interview with SunShyne P we asked her what would you say are some of the messages you want to convey through your music and this is what she said.

I would like to convey love thru my music!  I want to convey positivity, empowerment, strength and healing!  I want to remind my listening audience to not forget about the good times and not get distracted or consumed by matters that are overwhelming and draining.  Give yourself permission to love yourself and enjoy life!

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