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BTD Interviews Lil Hanky Panky

Written by on June 28, 2023

BTD Artist Interview with Lil Hanky Panky

I am excited to have this interview with you. I had the pleasure of reviewing your fabulous song “Special” and I can’t wait to talk more about that song and what other projects you have coming up.

Let’s first start with letting our BTD Radio listeners know where you are from, please share.

I was born in Germany, but my parents are very mixed ( Russia, georgia Israel)

Next lets dive into learning about your musical background. Were you always influenced by music, did you grow up in a family of musicians?

Music was always a part of my life. I was always dancing from I could walk. Used to spend hours going through my parents’ CDs and just listening all kind of different music. And my parents had a lot of CDs. Also my dad used to play guitar at home and I always watched him and wanted to learn myself at some point.

Did you or do you play any instruments? If so, what?

Yes I studied music in Germany and played mainly guitar and bass in a lot of different bands and genres.

Speaking of influences, who are your musical influences and why?

I’ve been musically influenced and inspired by so much different music. It would be hard to name one artist. Cause there’s so many aspects that were all influenced differently.

Your song “Special”, It’s a fabulous song.  How did this song come about? How long did it take to put together and of course I have to ask this, what is the song all about?

Chi Ching Ching and I decided we would make a great collaboration so we just did it. Went into the studio, built the beat with the Zimi production crew first, came back a next day and laid down the lyrics. This song is pure vibes, so we wrote the lyrics while in studio and recorded same time. It’s quite obvious if you listen to the lyrics too, it’s a song for the summer talking about a special girl.

You have a guest on this song, X Chi Ching, the two of you really mix well. How and when did you discover this fabulous mix of your two vocals pairing up together?

We knew each other already as friends. When you’re on one wave length with a person you catch onto each other’s vibes easily.

I have to ask this, how did you come up with the clever name Lil Hanky Panky?

I never came up with it. Hanky Panky is the name of a dance step. When I used to live in Germany when I was about 16 years old, my dance teacher started calling me hanky hanky, cause I just looked freaky I guess 🙂

Ok I have a silly question for you, how would you describe your music to a little old lady who has never heard your music?

Well this particular song I would just call it very danceable I guess. My music is very versatile though. I would just tell her to go listen herself and find out what it’s all about 😀

You have a four single discography ‘Brand Me a Rebel’, ‘First of August’, ‘Life In Contradiction’ and ‘Sativa’. Let’s talk about those but first, am I missing anything else?

Yes you are missing my whole official EP.

Those songs you just named are the very very first songs I recorded in Jamaica. I’m working them over at the moment.

I have an EP out called metamorphic

‘Life In Contradiction’ and ‘Sativa’, what are those two songs about?

Sativa is a little insight of my journey of leaving Germany and moving to Jamaica, and the struggles that come with it and at the same time the struggles that I leave behind.

What are your favorite things to do outside of recording music?

Writing music and working out. I have excessive energy so I go to the gym almost every day. Oh and dancing, and eating good food

Speaking of recording your music, who does that? Your music is mixed and mastered well.

I worked with quite a few different people in Jamaica by now. The music on the EP was partially produced by Teetimus. Apart from that I’m getting to work with a lot of other extremely talented people in the industry.

Do you write all your songs and what gets you into that writing mood

⁃ Yes I write all my songs myself. Honestly writing is like my therapy. When my soul is going through something emotionally, either good or bad, that’s when I write. And good high grade weed.

Do you have any projects that you can share with us that’s coming up?

Of course! I’m always working on new stuff. I’m releasing a track with the General Bounty Killer himself very soon. That track is gonna be on my album that I’m working on now as well. So listen out!

What one thing can you tell our BTD listeners that you have not told anyone else in an interview?

I hate horror movies

Well, we are coming to a close. Where can our BTD listeners find your music?

All platforms. The link on my Instagram will direct you everywhere. Insta: lil_hankypanky

Thanks so much for your time and keep creating more of that fabulous music!

You can also catch Lil Hanky Panky’s song review “Special” right here on BTD.