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BTD Interviews Jourdan

Written by on June 27, 2023



BTD Interviews Jourdan

Hello Jóurdan, welcome to BTD. I am looking forward to digging into your musical world and learning more about you as an artist. Could you first tell our listeners where you are from?

J: I am from Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica

Who are your music influences and why?

J: I have so many from different musical time periods. Stevie Knicks, Joe, Boys 2 Men, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Anitta, J Balvin etc to name a few.

How long have you been doing music and when did you actually let the world in to hear your music? Were you scared, or did you go full force and say, here’s Jourdan?

J: Well, I’ve been singing since I was 2 years old. I started songwriting at 6, but I started recording demos at 13. Professionally I started doing music in October 2021. I officially released my single album” Hypnotized” October 2022. I definitely was not scared, rather I was very eager for people to experience a part of my mind sonically.

If you were to pick a few genres that your music fell into, what would they be? Let’s add one more thing here, in about ten words or less, describe your music to us as if we have never heard it before.

J: I don’t like to define things really, I love the openness and malleability of music however if I was to choose, I’d say Fusion, Dancehall and Reggae. Id describe my music as “combining sounds that don’t go together creating something new sonically”

Let’s talk about your track “Way too Long”, it’s such a great song BTW. What inspired you to write this song?

J: Thank You. The inspiration of the song originally came from my best friend Liacay.  She was experiencing the intense feeling of liking someone but had to admire them from afar because they were involved with someone else. I was also going through the same experience at the time and that’s how we penned the track.

What do you hope the listeners will feel when they hear your song “Way too Long”?

J: I hope to invoke feelings of nostalgia for the listener. I want the song to invoke memories of their first loves, or for a lover that they are admiring from afar, they can just turn the song on and vibe through their emotions.

How did you collaborate with Liacay on the song?

J: The collaboration came about with her sending me the first verse and chorus of the song which I loved. I then finished writing my verse and the bridge and added the background vocals and adlibs.

Your album cover “Hypnotized Me” is very interesting, you have several different poses for each of the songs, is there a story behind this? How does “Way too Long” fit into your album “Hypnotize Me”?

J: Thank you, actually there is no story behind the poses but each element of the cover shoot serves to highlight the fact that being in love is like being Hypnotized. We do a lot of irrational things for love voluntarily and involuntarily; kind of like being Hypnotized. Way Too Long follows the song Easy which comes from a place of Dilemma, begging someone to give you a chance to prove yourself, that you are worthy of their love. So Way Too Long is letting you know that those efforts were futile and as such you have to resort to admiration and longing for that person from afar.

Your production sounds really good, what was the process of working with Jay EDGE and Alann Ulises on the production of the song?

J: The process was great. I’ve never actually met Alann Ulises; I had just acquired the instrumental track from him via email. However, working with JayEDGE is always a seamless experience. He always tries to push my voice and has a very good musicality. He works alongside me instead of trying to change everything and that’s always appreciated.

Since we are on the topic of your album, “Hypnotize Me” can we dig into what this song is about? I see you wrote this song with Sashana Ramirez. How did all the co-writing come together?

J: The song Hypnotize Me is about finally having someone you’ve always wanted for yourself after convincing them. Even if that means stealing said person from someone else and being cocky about it. I actually wrote the song in 2017 about a true experience akin to the one mentioned above. However, I needed a bridge but I was experiencing writers block at the time and so I sent the track to Ramirez who penned the bridge we always wrote together so it was a no brainer. I finished writing the song with the outro in 2021 and recorded it.

You have another song on this great album, “Easy”. Let’s talk about this track. I was reading that “Easy” was about meeting someone for the first time and desperately convincing them to be with you to the point that you are in an extreme dilemma. Quoted from your YouTube page. Is this a life experience? Did the convincing work? Please share more.

J: Yes, it is a true experience. All the songs are. The convincing did work for a little while. What I’ll say is the same way you get them is the same way you lose them.

When you are not working on music, what are your favorite pastime things to do?

J: I love to watch television series and reality TV especially 90 Day fiancé.

If you could look into the future with your music, let’s say ten years from now, what would you like to see yourself to be doing?

J: I definitely envision myself as a Global artist so in the future I see myself touring and collaborating with various artists worldwide.

We are at the end of our interview, any last thoughts you want to share?

J: Yes, keep your ears open for new music from me the story doesn’t end at Hypnotize Me. I am unpredictable, I like to keep everyone on their toes so for anyone who likes suspense and craves new sounds im your guy. Please stream and support my music I won’t let you down.

Where can people find your music?

J: Apple Music: Search “Jóurdan”

Spotify: Search “Jóurdan”

Official VEVO: Search “JóurdanVEVO”

All social media handle are:

Instagram is @jourdanmusic

Twitter: @Jourdanmusic2