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BTD Song Review: Money$ by Jourdan

Written by on November 25, 2023

BTD Song Review: Money$ by Jourdan

Jóurdan, the rising artist on the music scene, brings a fresh Jamaican vibe to his hot new track, “Money$.” Penned by Joel Jordan Benjamin Reid, Danelle Reid, and Jermaine Williams, the song takes listeners on a rhythmic journey, exploring the complexities of life where money often takes precedence over failed relationships and friendships.

Money$” opens with a captivating Jamaican vibe, setting the stage for a track that blends cultural influences with contemporary beats. The rhythmic flow of the beat provides a nice groove, creating a sonic landscape that is both infectious and unique. Jóurdan skillfully rides the track, infusing his vocals with a silky smoothness that adds to the overall allure of the song. A smooth piano background accompanies the entire track, adding a touch of elegance to the pulsating beat. The simplicity of the piano melody complements the Jamaican vibe, creating a harmonious fusion of sounds that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. The instrumental choices enhance the overall mood of the song, allowing Jóurdan’s vocals to shine against a well-crafted musical backdrop.


echoes throughout the lyrics, presenting a profound perspective on the role of money in our lives. The song delves into the idea that money is a form of energy, resilient and adaptable. As relationships may falter and people disappoint, even though money at times can be the root of destruction, it is also a medium that will provide for you and never let you down. The lyrics contribute to the overall depth of the song, turning it into more than just a musical experience.

Money$” transcends the boundaries of a typical song, evolving into a manifestation for a better life. Jóurdan, through his artistry, encourages listeners to contemplate the significance of money in the face of life’s challenges. The track becomes a vehicle for introspection, prompting audiences to consider the role of money as a gateway. Highlighting all the things money can provide such as freedom, security and flexibility. It is a new mindset, a new way to look at money.

In “Money$,” Jóurdan not only delivers a hot new track but also creates a sonic manifesto on life’s priorities. The Jamaican vibe, coupled with a smooth flow beat and Jóurdan’s silky vocals, makes this song a standout in its genre. Beyond its musical appeal, the track offers a philosophical exploration that elevates it to more than just entertainment. With its infectious rhythm and thought-provoking lyrics, “Money$” leaves a lasting impression, marking Jóurdan as an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of contemporary music.

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