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BTD Reviews This Christmas by JonFX

Written by on December 19, 2023

BTD Reviews “This Christmas” by JonFX

In JonFX’s enchanting holiday track, “This Christmas,” the spirit of the season comes alive with a fusion of compelling lyrics and a melodic arrangement. The song invites listeners on a journey that explores themes of unity, love, and the longing for a world filled with peace.

From the onset, the song captivates with the gentle tinkling of sleigh bells, setting the festive tone. JonFX’s milky soft vocals add a layer of warmth and sincerity, perfectly complementing the mellow beat and catchy tune that characterizes this piece.

The song opens with the innocent chatter of two little kids, discussing the wonders of Christmas. This charming introduction creates a nostalgic ambiance, immediately connecting the listener to the joyous holiday atmosphere. As the lyrics unfold, phrases like “time to unite” and “where is the love, I want to know” echo a call for togetherness, resonating with a universal desire for understanding and compassion.

The chorus becomes a triumphant declaration with lines such as “Give me victory, all the world was listening,” emphasizing the song’s overarching message of hope and optimism. The repeated plea to “open your eyes, let love show” and the assertion that “unity won’t let you go” further underscore the importance of embracing love and unity during the festive season.

For those seeking a visual complement to the song, the music video, available on YouTube, offers a delightful feast of holiday imagery, enhancing the emotional impact of the music. It’s a testament to JonFX’s ability to create an immersive experience that goes beyond mere auditory pleasure.

To stay updated on JonFX’s musical endeavors, follow him on Twitter at “This Christmas” stands out more than just a holiday tune; it’s a resonant reminder of the power of love and unity to bring joy to the world. Watch the magic unfold by checking out the video on YouTube

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~ T Dawn