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Mark Christopher Band – Artist Interview

Written by on September 25, 2020

Welcome to the studio. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get started with this interview. We aired your music on a previous new music Monday and just fell in love with your style and sound.

I think that’s a good way to start out this interview with a question about your style and sound. How would you describe it to our listeners?
It’s started off to be a basic blues rock fusion thing but in working through the creative process It evolved into a more of rock and funk feel in some cases. It’s kind of a fusion of progressive rock, blues, funk and jazz. if you will.

Could you take some time out, go around the room and introduce each of the band members? Wait, also tell us who is the quite one and who is the troublemaker in the band?

First off we got Steve Roybal on the drums and somewhat the trouble maker maybe because he’s a little older than the rest of us. Phillip Friedland on the Bass he’s the out spoken comedian of the group but it’s all in fun I guess. then there’s me Mark Christopher I guess I’m the quiet one but I don’t take myself to seriously.

I hear you are working on your fourth album that is due out in 2017. Could you give us more details about what to expect from this album?

Actually this is our third album and probably will be released early 2018. This is a more guitar orientated album more rock and blues a little more hard driving but still has a couple really nice slow blues numbers along with a Jeff Beck kind of hip hop thing going on. But still with a nice fusion feel woven in.

When did the band form? Was it band at first site (lol) or was there things you had to iron out before you thought it was a deal?

We got together sometime in 2010 here and there at different jams sessions. I’ve known both Steve and Phil from working in previous projects in the past. so I knew this combination of players should be promising and it was.

I love the vibe of your song Cheetah. So jazzy, full of zest! How did you come up with the title?

Cheetah. While in the studio recording the track the engineer was joking around said why do a lot of your song have animal names in them from the first record
there was Catfight, Deep Dog and Bullfrog Boogie. No real reason for this just coincidence I guess with Cheetah it was kind of a jungle feel moving like the grace of a cheetah at full stride

I am seeing that your band just took home an award this month, Oct 2017. Congratulations, I would love to hear how your band took the news.

The award we received is from Akademia we got song of the month we were very happy to receive such a honor. That was for the tune Too Many years. which was also featured on your show. And Thank you BTW.

There are so many dreamers the come to LA and try to make a music career happen. Being an LA based band, do you find this to be a competitive struggle to fight with the outsiders? Has there been advantages to being in the LA area?

There was once a point when we were renting a 24 hour lock out studio in Vernon Ca. And just about every Group that was there was from out of state From New York . Colorado, Virginia, Texas to name just a few we became friends with many of them jamming and having fun. they are no longer around but were here so there somewhat of an advantage living LA was the place at one time and still can be.

When you guys are not playing music, do you hang out together? What do you do?

From time to time we all hang out Barbecues Parties jams and stuff, we can be as close as family I consider them as Family.

I am a fly on the wall while your band is practicing song creations, what would I see? What would I hear? Or would you smash the fly? LOL

We would most likely smash the fly. LOL But that’s exactly what we would doing going through the creative process I think we enjoy that the most.

What are the other three albums that you have out?

We have only two albums even though I have worked many projects in the studio with many other Artists. First alum is called IMAGINE most of the same influences as our second the MARK CHRISTOPHER BAND.

Which is the most difficult album to put together? Which one was the easiest?

Any production is a tremendous amount of work it’s never easy because you always want to out do yourself strive to be better than the last one.

Where do you see the Mark Christopher Band in five years?

in the next five years The Mark Christopher Band will be doing what they love, Playing shows ,writing new material, putting out new music.

Taking care of each other just being a Family.

It was great getting to know you through your music, please tell our listeners where your music can be found. Also, feel free to use this time for any shoutouts, specials news, etc.

You can find us on Artist pr, Facebook, twitter, Reverbnation, Number one Music. just Google us There’s more. we would like to give a shout out to BTD Radio
thank you all so much. MCB.

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