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Phillip Broussard – Artist Interview

Written by on September 25, 2020

BTD Radio Interviews Phillip Broussard

Phillip I am so excited to dive into your music career but I want to start off by saying  “thanking you” for your services in the military.

Tons of respect for you!

So I hear you have a new EP “Wavelength” coming out on November 18, you must be so excited. Can you tell our reader’s what is behind this special date?

Wavelength is supposed to symbolize a sine wave. Positive and negative, light and dark. Something for both sides of the coin. I think the songs on the album are this in a nutshell.

Could you tell us why your single “Just Wanna Believe” is the first single off your new EP? What is that song about?

It’s about all the toxic people in our lives and laying it out for them. Either they hear you and cut the crap or they don’t.

I was listening to your song “Best Friend.” Beautiful song. Could you expand on who this song is about?

This song was written about my dad. It’s a desperate plea for him to save his own life through positive life choices. He never did and that’s why he isn’t around anymore.

Your sitting around the table with one of your music influences, Eric Clapton. You just happened to mention to him that you play music. What would the conversation be like? What would you tell him?

I’m pretty sure Eric Clapton would try to be nice but I’m sure he’s heard the same thing a million times. I wouldn’t say anything; just get my strat, plug in and ask him if he wants to play. No desperate star struck BS, just music.

What song has been your most challenging song to write and why?

Probably one of the newest ones. Hit a wall a while ago with it and am having trouble finding out what direction I want it to go. I know I’ll figure it out but I want people to hear it.

I am sorry to hear about the passing of three of your family members. It all happened in a short amount of time, that must have been super hard to deal with. Are any of your songs about your family members that have passed?  How did you work through the pain?

Most of my songs are indirectly about them. Pain has a funny way of resurfacing at the weirdest place and time.

Are there any other family members who play music?

My brother is an extremely talented singer but that’s it.

Who are your influences outside of the music?

There was a chief in the Navy that used to tell me “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” He taught me that life isn’t to be taken too seriously.

Where do you see your music in three years?

I can tell you where I want it to go… I want to be touring and getting paid for it.

It was great getting to know you through your music Phillip, please tell our listeners where your music can be found. Also, feel free to use this time for any shoutouts, specials news, etc..

Facebook. PhillipBroussard86. Thanks for having me.