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Interview with Chuck Furtado

Written by on May 9, 2022

BTD Interviews Chuck Furtado

So you are from Boston, born and raised. What would you say were some of your favorite adventures growing up in Boston?

Growing up in The Boston area was always an adventure. I believe the Music stands out as the most Fascinating. Witnessing talents such as Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, U2, to name just a few in their prime was magical. Besides the super acts, there were local talents of all genres displaying their sounds. Boston always has had sports franchises that I was passionate about.

What’s this I read about you forming your own band at 13. That’s amazing. Ok, so you got to tell me all about that.

I started playing bass guitar at 12. After messing around with it for a while, I starting playing with my best friend Chuck Stilphen. He picked up guitar about the same time. We would meet after school and learn songs together along with a-lot of laughs and fun. We realized we needed to locate a drummer to become a group. After securing Steve Doroni on drums, we practiced every day until we had enough material to play out live. I remember our first gig was a wedding, not your typical wedding band, it was a good experience. The bands name was Monterey. We played clubs and private functions after forming.

Leaving the band later at age 19 to pursue college, was that a decision because of why?

Leaving music at 19 was a good decision. I enrolled in college and received my Bachelor Degree. I went on to have a successful career in finance. I felt I could go back to music in the future.

When did you first start writing your own songs? Do you remember what the name of it was and what it was about?

I  wrote my first song ” U.S Blues” around 14 or so. I co-wrote “just you wait” and “driving me insane” with Chuck around 15.
“U.S” blues was about someone sad and lonely. Trying to find where they fit in in life.

Are some of the songs you wrote when you were younger in the band, songs that you still sing today?

Actually none of the songs I wrote in my teens I play currently. However, I  sometimes ponder whether or not I should rewrite them to my skill set now as a writer.

So who is Chuck Furtado today?

I’m a music lover with the ability to write and sing. It has helped me become more spiritual, along with unlocking things I haven’t recognized or understood before. I want to create songs that can appreciated by listeners.

Can you tell me about your song “ Tomorrow Isn’t Yesterday?” By the way, great song!

“Tomorrow isn’t Yesterday”  I wrote this song for my three children.  I went through a contentious divorce.  They were unfortunately caught in the middle. There were times of separation that caused us all pain. Still one of my favorites.

Can you tell us about this competition that you ended up being the runner up? I bet you were in your glory! Share it with us.

The songwriting contest was rewarding. With thousands of submissions I came close. It reinforced I was moving in the right direction.

Wow what a new song, “Hope”. Amazing lyrics. Tell me, tell me… I want to know more about this song.

“Hope”  I wrote hope during the pandemic. It was inspired by world events. Hate and anger leading the charge. The lyrics touch on so many topics of that period. The message was there is hope for all of us.

Out of all the fabulous songs that you have written, which one would you suggest our listeners to hear first? Why?

I would recommend “Hope” first. It applies to everyone. I put my heart and soul into creating it. It’s a song that you can put on in 10 Years and say ” it’s a beautiful song”

COVID has stolen so much time away from artists but there are some who found ways to make music still happened during these times. What did you do?

I did well during lockdown. Wrote and released “Hope” The song was selected for global music distribution for Film and TV By WMG. Wrote dozens of melodies that I can use for future songs.

Ok weird question for you, how would you describe your music to a person just walking along the street? Now wait a minute… you have 10 words or less to describe yourself.

I would describe my music as: Timeless music with haunting melodies. They can take you to a place you haven’t been before.  Spiritual, creative, artistic, intuitive, personable, honest, sincere, entertaining, comical, shy.

One last question, what’s coming next for Chuck Furtado and where can people purchase your music?

What’s next is, I’m putting together a new album. Continuing to write high quality music. You can purchase my music on All music platforms. iTunes, Spotify  etc..

Well we are done, not bad, right?

I hope you will keep us updated on your journey!

Thank you Dawn for your support And compliments on my music.

T Dawn and the BTD crew!