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On The Other Side song by Garr Lange

Written by on May 11, 2022

Review; On The Other Side – Garr Lange

Need a sexy country song?  You got it right here. The music that I’m referring to is Garr Lange’s composition “On the the Side”.

The song starts out with a rhythmic lead guitar which is incased with fabulous background vocals that instantly draw you in.  Then Garr greets you with his steamy vocals, singing lyrics like; “looking at love on the other side”, “she winked and smiled”, and “I aint blind”, followed by lyrics like; “I gave her a quick side eye, I couldn’t talk, I was paralyzed.”  I am sure we have all felt like this once or twice in our lifetime. The song is very relatable. The chorus is catchy and the sound production is spot on. If you have that special someone that catches your eye, this is the song for them.

If you are hooked and want to read more about Garr Lange, check out the fabulous interview we had with him.

You can hear his music on Soundcloud Soundcloud