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Review Absolute Crime Greg Paquette

Written by on July 2, 2022

Absolute Crime by Greg Paquette Featuring Leah Kolvatz

It would be an “Absolute Crime” to listen only once.

Greg Paquette’s song called “Absolute Crime” – behind this upbeat and lively rhythm is a sad song which talks about homelessness, furthermore, the depth of this song technically addresses war. The brilliant songwriting approach adds kind of poetic and artsy style of lyrics that I find appealing along with realism.


“There’s a window in my room that I often look through

I look over the world with an infinite view

In a world torn by war and infested with greed

We live for a war and we died for our needs”


The energy of this tune is captivating and drives in all the right places. There is a wonderful melodic lead vocal tone that is accompanied with textured vocal harmonies that add yet more depth, richness, to the fabulous chorus line. I felt connected and drawn in from the beginning to the end.

“Absolute Crime” is from ‘The World in Blue, a Musical Play by Greg Paquette.”

About Greg Paquette:

Greg was born and raised in and around Boston and played it’s fertile music scene with bands such as Thrust, The Street Rockers, Actors of Holland, Going Graffiti (’84 Rock & Roll Rumble) and Option One. With the successful releases of his two solo albums and the burst of airplay that has followed, Greg has established himself as a viable force as an indie artist.

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About Leah Kolvatz

Twenty-seven year old Leah Kolvatz was born in the suburbs of Boston and welcomed by her musician parents. She began playing guitar at four years old and started writing songs at age 10. Leah has a Bachelors Degree in in Graphic Design and has her own Boston-based Design company. She balances her time between work, music and travel.

Leah’s work can be found on Reverb Nation and Soundcloud