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Song Review Table Scraps by Tom Mich

Written by on July 6, 2022

Song Review Table Scraps by Tom Mich

Ever have one of those days on the job where you were just so fed up that you said screw this, I am gonna have a six pack and a bottle of Jack. Then this song, “Table Scraps” is for you. Turn it up and loud because you are in for a treat.

You will hear catchy lyrics like,

“It’s Friday night and I am feeling alright, got a six pack” 

“My bossman he’s got a little quirk, lately he’s been a real jerk”

“Just like a dog table serving up on table scraps”

Tom’s lead vocal work is rich with emotions, (hmm, perhaps he is writing this song from experience) erupting from his gut, reaching upward to the heights and down into the hearts of the working class men and women of the world. This track is cradled with Tom’s stunning guitar riffs and Cheryl Davenport’s backup vocals. Both Tom and Cheryl find a way to pull you into the unforgettable chorus and give you an ending that will make you chuckle.

So pull up a chair, grab another beer, replay  “Table Scraps” and read about Tom Mich.

Tom was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been playing music since elementary school. He moved to Boston (Woburn,) with a Michigan band known as “The Facts” and lived there until December of 1984.  Tom is writing and recording music on his own now.

I asked him in a recent interview; Does your music sound different compared to how it did with the band and like how so?

His response was;

“My music has a definite difference to what “The Facts” played…my music is more diverse and more defined to my roots. That shows the real heart of my background. “

Read more of this fabulous interview here. It will probably cost you another beer. (LOL) BTD Radio Interview with Tom Mich.

You can find Tom Mich on Facebook.

and on Twitter @TomMichJR1

“Table Scraps” is Track #10 on Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter #21 which is wrapped in a 20 page booklet along with a CD