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BTD Song Review Highway 99 by Sean Walshe

Written by on February 6, 2023

BTD Song Review Highway 99 by Sean Walshe

Crank it up and take a drive down Highway 99

Highway 99 is the sixth track on Sean Walshe’s powerful thirteen track album titled American Son. This is a great example of how good old rock and roll music can be produced in a way that is both powerful and melodic. The track was produced by Rob Fraboni, who is known for his ability to blend different styles of music into one cohesive sound.

The vocals, guitars, drums are the main focus of this track, but there are also some nice touches from the piano, backup singers, and sax. The guitar solo on this track is particularly impressive, as it perfectly captures the energy of the song. All these elements come together to make Highway 99 an exciting and memorable rock song.

These lyrics rise to the top of the song… USA and Everything American about Highway 99

Highway 99 is a must-listen for all rock and roll music fans as it showcases Sean Walshe’s incredible talent as a singer and musician.

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