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BTD song review of Sometimes My Heart Beats Blue by Joe Viglione

Written by on June 14, 2023

BTD song review of Sometimes My Heart Beats Blue by Joe Viglione

Ever have that special someone you think about often, someone who makes your heart beat with joy? Joe Viglione has captured the essence of all those feelings in his beautifully written song “Sometimes My Heart Sings Blue.” This composition captures the feeling of love for that special someone that makes you want to just fly though the air with excitement. The song is simple and sincere, with Joe leading a gentle melody with his expressive and emotional vocals. The lyrics are heartfelt and heart tugging.

 Feel like I can fly through the air

I’ll take you any, anywhere

We make quite a pair

For someone so wondrous and true

As long as I can take care of you

Joe dives into the depths of human emotion with remarkable honesty, vulnerability, painting vivid pictures in the listener’s mind and establishing a profound connection.

Convince? Ready for more? Pull up a chair and have a listen to “Sometimes My Heart Sings Blue” or better yet, go check out the monologue, Take 11 of “Sometimes My Heart Sings Blue” and let Joe tell you about his song.

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