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BTD Music Review Sunday by Zale Zale’s recent release, “Sunday“, is a blending of genres that creates an infectious dance groove that will have you moving from start to finish. The song begins with a lively pulsing beat that sets the tone for a fun and upbeat track. When Zale’s vocals kick in, his smooth […]

Lots Of You in My Life by Joe Viglione Joe Viglione’s latest track, “Lots Of You in My Life,” from the album “Elegant Decadence”, emerges as a heartfelt testament to the joy and warmth found in companionship. With Viglione at the helm of composition and vocals, supported by the skilled production of Joe Viglione, Peter […]

BTD Song Review “World We Are Living In” by Chivea Chivea’s track, “World We Are Living In,” encapsulates the essence of dancehall with a refreshing twist. From the moment the beat kicks in, it’s evident that this isn’t your average reggae dancehall tune; it’s a fusion of various sounds that come together to create a […]

BTD Review of Coming for Me by Emmeleine “Coming for Me” by Emmeleine is a hauntingly beautiful addition to her upcoming album, “These Stories.” This piano ballad delves into the depths of human emotion with a kind of dark, cinematic allure that’s hard to resist. Emmeleine’s vocals are nothing short of mesmerizing, effortlessly drawing listeners […]

BTD Review “Que Rico” by Jourdan: A Sizzling Dance Anthem Jourdan’s latest single, “Que Rico,” directed by Juan Samaniego of Millennials Inc., sets the stage for a seductive dance-floor experience. With its infectious beats and enticing lyrics, the track beckons listeners to let loose and indulge in the rhythm of the night. From the moment […]

BTD Interviews Wesrok Greetings Wesrok, I am looking forward to chatting with you about your musical journey. Your music blends elements of country and reggae, which is so unique. Can you share what initially drew you to combine these two genres, and how do you think this fusion contributes to your distinctive sound? Country and […]

BTD Song Review Humming Bird by Wesrok Wesrok’s song, “Humming Bird,” is a jubilant celebration of Jamaica’s essence, effortlessly blending the infectious rhythms of reggae with a heartfelt ode to the island’s beauty and resilience. With a mission to carve out a niche for ‘country reggae’ on the global stage, Wesrok delivers a buoyant anthem […]

I am going to start off with a very basic question but indeed a very important question. Can you share a bit about yourself and how your musical journey began? I grew up in a musical family, so music was always a big part of my life. My mum is a singer-songwriter as well, and my parents […]

BTD Interviews Marcy Chin Hi Marcy Chin, I am looking forward to interviewing you on your new single “I Wanna”, and dig into your musical journey. So, let’s get started. As a Dancehall artist from Kingston, Jamaica, how do you feel your cultural background influences your music, and what elements of Jamaican music and culture do you strive […]

BTD Song Review : “Butterflies and Anxiety” by Talitha Jae Talitha Jae’s track, “Butterflies and Anxiety,” is a captivating blend of sultry blues, seductive melodies, and raw emotion. Released from debut EP, “Spilt T,” this track dives into the tumultuous early stages of a relationship, expertly capturing the dichotomy of excitement and uncertainty. The song […]