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BTD would like to welcome The Covasettes to the studio. Hey thanks for having us, hope you’re well. I see you have just released an EP titled “It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds.” Such a true statement, how did you come up with the EP name? Our frontman Chris came up with the idea and […]

BTD would like to welcome The Strays to the studio! I am so excited to get started with this interview but before we do, could you tell our listeners where you are from? Also, can you go around the room and introduce each band member? Who does what in the band? I’m Stella, lead vocalist […]

BTD Radio would like to welcome award-winning, folk singer/songwriter Cyndi Washburn from New York. There is so much that I would like to talk about, so I am going to just dive right in and get started. I have to say, it’s been such an honor to have aired your music on our station, I […]

Hi Dylan, I am so excited to have you back for another interview here at BTD Radio.  It sounds like so much has happened since your last EP release of Vacant Lands.  Let’s talk about the new album Western Sky which is due out this month. You must be so excited!  -Excited to be back and chatting […]

BTD Interview with Joe Viglione Q: Joe, could you tell our listeners where you are from? A: Raised in Somerville and Arlington, Massachusetts, moved to Woburn for many years, then to Medford, all in the same 15-mile radius Q: So who is Joe Viglione, how would you describe yourself? A: In the recording studio I […]